ZSSC416x/7x Sensor Signal Conditioners Automotive Overview

Modern vehicles are filled with complex sensor
systems to achieve optimal performance and lower emissions. ZMDI’s ZSSC416X and ZSSC417X
family of sensor signal conditioner ICs are ideal for use in the engine and exhaust system.
Sensing differential pressure at the mass airflow intake using a single IC attached
to two sensors lowers power consumption and improves accuracy compared to traditional
sensing systems. Manifold pressure and temperature sensing also benefits from the use of a dual
input IC, with higher accuracy measurements resulting in a more optimal fuel mix. High temperature sensing across the turbo-charger
benefits from a simpler design and lower cost with both thermocouples connecting to the
same IC. At the diesel particulate filter, ZMDI products enable more accurate measurements
of filter saturation, resulting in less fuel waste for filter purging. Selective catalytic
reduction adds urea to the exhaust to reduce harmful emissions. Improved measurement accuracy
leads to better control of urea dosing, reducing urea overuse and refilling costs for the vehicle
owner. By more accurately measuring temperature and pressure in the fuel line, the control
unit can provide the best fuel/air mix, lowering emissions and improving engine performance. Compared to traditional anemometers, the sensors
used with ZMDI sensor signal conditioner products are more durable in the harsh environment
of exhaust mass airflow measurements, leading to a more reliable, lower power solution.
The ZMDI ZSSC416X and ZSSC417X family of sensor signal conditioners provide a platform for
measurement systems with improved accuracy, reliability, and performance with lower power
consumption. The family of devices provides highly accurate amplification with integrated
compensation, correction, and calibration, while also sharing a common four-millimeter
by four-millimeter QFN package and tool set to reduce development and assembly costs.
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