Zero to Sixty | Automotive News | October 24, 2016

Hi I’m Kate on Zero to Sixty with your auto
news. Four days ago, Nissan officially completed
its purchase of a 34% equity stake in Mitsubishi Motors and is now their largest shareholder. Hyundai concluded their third Global Service
Advisor Championship. This intense competition is designed to improve
customer satisfaction at Hyundai service centers across the globe. The 2016 SEMA Show starts next week but we
have some inside scoop on what to expect. Ford, might have one of the most popular cars
at the show, which is the 2016 Focus RS Hatchback. It’s highly appealing because of its reasonable
price tag and its best-in-class 350-horsepower Kia, will announce plans to have a vehicle
that drives itself on the road by 2030. Later this year, Honda is launching the Honda
Clarity Fuel Cell sedan, Which has the best range rating of any electric
vehicle without a combustion engine. I’m Kate Donovan with your auto news. Thanks for watching Zero to Sixty.