Zero to Sixty | Automotive News | May 9, 2016

Hi, I’m Kate on Zero-to-Sixty with your
auto news. Up first is a big congratulations to all the moms
who won the limited edition Box of Nissan chocolates! Yup, Nissan made a custom box of milk chocolate
Rogues, dark chocolate Maximas, and even white chocolate GT-Rs. Toyota announced a new breakthrough in advanced
battery research. They’re working with magnesium batteries
that may soon open the doors for longer lasting batteries for everything from cars to cell
phones. Up next is Hyundai, who announced the 2017
Elantra Eco’s price tag at just over $20,000. Exciting news for Kia, who just announced
that the company had their best ever April sales. Fun news for the 2017 Ford Escape, which landed
primetime on TV shows The Blacklist and The Blindspot. Ford also developed a world-first mobile aeroacoustic
wind tunnel to help ensure the quietest cabins possible. The 2017 Honda Civic is already on the market
as a sedan and a coupe but there’s a third body style coming down the line: the hatchback. I’m Kate Donovan with your auto news. Thanks
for watching Zero-to-Sixty.