Zero-to-Sixty | Automotive News | April 11, 2016

Hi I’m Kate on Zero-to-Sixty with your auto
news. Speeding up to first place is Nissan’s GT-R
Nismo with a new drifting record of 189.49 MPH Big things were happening at the Barrett Jackson annual sale this year. The actual Hennessy F150 Raptor that Jeremy Clarkson drove in Top Gear was auctioned off. As well as the very first Corvette Grand Sport Collector Edition… which is such a beaut! The best part about the event was that all the proceeds went to the Paralyzed Veterans of America Now on to other news, Chevy finally takes the wrapping off their new Silverado Rally Edition at the Texas Motor Speedway. These bad boys are NASCAR inspired, with a monochromatic appearance and an inverted
bowtie. Speeders beware: Ford has now made
the Explorer Police Interceptor even more enticing for law enforcement agencies around the country… thanks to the new “no profile” light bar design. But that’s not all for Ford, the 2017 Mustang
Shelby GT 350 gets standard Track Package and new colors. I’m Kate Donovan with your auto news. Thanks for watching Zero-to-Sixty.