You Want the Truth, You Can’t Handle the Truth

rev your engines paul says hey scotty jeep wranglers high resale values that mean the vehicles reliable what would you say
between a 4runner and a Wrangler I wouldn’t even compare them for the
4runners they could run forever and the jeeps of rolling piles of junk don’t
ever believe that resale nonsense I got a whole video on it now when I was a
young mechanic yeah the resale books like the Kelly Blue Book had pretty
realistic values and guy’s name was Kelly and that’s what he did for a
living and he kept up with the values of cars and put him in the books
well ages ago that company was bought out and now all those companies that
give valuations do the research and you’re fighting that they’re almost all
owned by these huge corporations that one of their big businesses are selling
used cars so of course they’re gonna tell you the value of the cars is much
higher in the real world jeep wranglers nobody wants to buy who understands
vehicles knows how they fall apart so they get these books and a lot of it has
to do with false advertising too I mean the other day I was looking up stuff on
the internet just out of my own curiosity and one of these big things
said they picked the cheapest one of the 10 best cars in here everybody knows
since Fiat and Chrysler merged the quality’s been cooled down you know all
right they pay a lot of money every time seem to say stuff is good that actually
is you know if you want the truth ask somebody like me who spent 52 years
fixing this stuff I didn’t think once about plastic wrap on cars oh I hated
all the plastic wrap and it broke one guy wrote on the comments he said Scotty I’m a furnace mechanic I fix furnaces and he said I couldn’t believe it when
they started putting plastic parts and these furnaces that would melt over time
so it’s not just cars but if you want to know about some particular detail and
society today yes the guy who fixes them for a living about the truth don’t ask
the people who sell them money on CD one says I’m planning to get a new car or
truck I want to drive it a million miles what should I buy for a truck or SUV all
right basically if you’re up soon when you’re talking about brand new and if
you are get a Toyota tocaoma pickup those things kind of run
for ever and if you don’t mind get a standard transmission because they last
the absolute longest with the least maintenance their automatics aren’t bad
you know the decent automatics but if you want to get a million miles most
vehicles that go a million miles if they still have the original engine and
transmission of standard transmissions because there’s very few automatic
transmissions even the Toyotas that’ll last more than say three four hundred
thousand miles hey you get your money’s worth on I’m going that far but if you
want to go a million miles you’d want to get a standard transmission one how they
are and if you really wanted to go a million miles to the least maintenance
possible you’d be best to get the four-cylinder engine and not the v6
because it has less moving parts so there’s less things to break they have
less horsepower of course but that means there’s less strain on the rest of the
vehicle to the horsepower engine has the more it strains the rest of the vehicle
by all that power jump says scotty got I got an 07 Ford Edge with 150,000
miles I’m about to trade it in for an 02 Mustang with 50,000 miles in a v6 this
is a good move you know you never know where to use cars like you didn’t want
to pay a mechanic you check it out like I always say but a lot of guys buy
Mustangs and they rag the heck out of them sports car they drive like maniacs
but there is a v6 engine the guys that generally rag Mustangs out are doing it
with the v8 or they get in the later model EcoBoost ones with the four
cylinders that put out three hundred something horsepower plain old v6 and my tax accountant just bought one and she’s you know getting older she just wanted
to have a nice-looking Mustang so she got it with a v6 the cheapest one she
could buy and she loves she doesn’t drive like a maniac if you can find the
owner of a car talk to the guy or woman and see how they drove they’re just
normal people and drive like men don’t drive like maniacs
go ahead cuz a lot of times the people that buy v6 is they don’t drive like
maniacs it wants to do they’re gonna get a v8 and they’re gonna go turbo charged
one and those are very hard to buy use cuz people generally always beat the
heck out of them when they have the big v8 engine it might not be a bad car but
still having mechanic check it out before you buy Shane says
Scotty I’m looking for advice on a used car I’m looking at a 2015 Kia Optima
SX turbo you’re a few in my area alright no look someplace else Kia’s and hyundais their pretty much company now they’re decent vehicles if
you buy one new and it’s not turbocharged and drive conservatively
and generally you can get a hundred thousand miles of reasonably
trouble-free driving you go to the turbos and you’re talking about buying a
five-year old used one what’s a certain amount of miles on it they have a lot
more where with the turbo and if it’s a used Korean car with the turbo yeah the
engines don’t hold up they just don’t so if I were you I wouldn’t buy one Chief
Pontiac says I’m headed to Florida a few weeks on vacation I thought I’d look
around for a used front-wheel drive 2015 or 16 rav4 for which would you recommend between the two I got from 2015 before they started to make some changes it’s
used unless you get a time machine and come back to 2015 so you got to pay a
mechanic like me to check it out with our fancy tools we get we don’t miss
anything with the tools that we have these days if you’re gonna check out
yourself first which is always the smart one cuz I’ve had some people just keep
bringing me car after cars and then she road test it he said no I said always road test a car you’re thinking about buying before if you see it’s a clunker and then don’t waste
paying me get rid of the things that are obviously wrong then bring one that
seems pretty good to you it’s a smart move getting the front-wheel drive one
you know most people don’t really need all-wheel drive it adds a lot of
complexity to the vehicle now the Toyota makes pretty good all-wheel drive in those rav4s but like anything else if you get a simpler front-wheel drive one and
if you’re gonna keep that thing for 10-15 years hundreds of thousands of
miles you’re gonna have less maintenance problems than if you have an all-wheel
drive plus you’re gonna burn a lot more gas with the all-wheel drive to get
worse gas rods you got four wheels driving extra friction they just get
worse gas mileage plus the weight of the four-wheel drive system weighs more
that’s a smart move it I’d say 2015 out of that choice Hammond says Scotty is 2010 fusion for 4,500 bucks six-speed standard kind of hard to find eighty six
thousand miles one owner I liked the fusions in the beginning
that’s when ford and volvo had some conglomeration going on and there’s Volvo technology that’s in there suspension so they ride quite well
they’re really good cars and it is very hard to find standard transmissions than
those you’ll like it and the mechanic says it’s okay don’t trust anybody
always having mechanic check it out it can be a very good car because with the
later model fusions not particularly that one but the later model fusion
a lot of problems with their automatic transmissions you’re not dealing with
any of that because it’s a standard transmission and since they’re so hard
to find you probably won’t be able to talk them down much from the 4500 you always ask and I’ll say offer him $4k see what they’ll take but they’re so hard to find
that that would be a very good car you might be able to keep that car for
decades if you take care of it because they were good cars the main problem was later the transmissions had problems it’s class-action suit that was against
Ford for the transmission failures and those before it extended warranty a
little bit but still you know it’s not giving you a brand new transmission for
nothing with the standard transmission that fusion could be a really good
vehicle next question is the truth boy Scotty got an 04 Scion XA with one
hundred and thirty four thousand five hundred miles and when I let off the
brakes I heard whistle like sound coming from
under the hood I’ve seen that a lot and sometimes it’s a very simple thing your
power brakes the power brakes have this giant vacuum booster there’s a big hose
that comes off of it that goes to the intake of the engine in case there’s a
problem with the engine stalling so you don’t lose power brakes where that hose
goes into the brake booster there’s a little valve it’s a one-way check valve
so if the engine dies instead of all the vacuum pressure going back into the
engine because the engines are not suck it anymore
it stops a lot of times those check valves just go bad you can buy them for
like 15 20 bucks look around and what happens is when you take your foot off
then if they get a little worn your a whistling sound because that little
valves is making a sound I see it a lot you know you want to pray
this not the actual booster itself because if they get a leak there’s a
diaphragm inside and they can make noises and they cost a fortune on a
toyota product to get a brand new brake booster you could get it rebuilt
whatever you want it but a lot of times it’s just a stupid little check box so
check the check valve I’m a comic and I don’t even know it here June says I got an 98 Lincoln Navigator I replace the alternate banner it won’t
hold the charge and the larger pigtail clips aren’t broken when you plug it
into the alternator when I plug it in the light comes on in the dash but it goes off when I unplug it what’s wrong well you just think it’s in your own question
your connectors are useless those things go bad so often I know is they take a
lot of power a lot of times they start to melt you can go to any decent auto
parts store or to a Ford dealer and they make a repair kit that has the entire
a cure assembly that plugs onto the alternator and then the wires coming off
and now what you do is you cut your broken pigtail connectors off and then
you solder each wire to them they’re color coordinated so that green goes to
green black goes to black and I’ve got a whole video on how to fix wiring where
you twist them around then you solder them together and then you have heat
shrink tubing that you put over and then you can heat it up with a hair dryer or
a match and it melts right on or if you’re really good at taping so you played
hockey and you like taping your hockey sticks you can use electrical tapes
after your solder I’ll wire them all and tape them real tight but shrink tubing
works fine you go to any auto parts store buy the shrink tubing for left on
the box and then you can shrink it on so water doesn’t get it do that they they
make repair kits there goes all over the place because it’s a notorious problem
with those is age, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell