Why We Pay It Forward at Easterns Automotive Group | Reliable Preowned Vehicles Baltimore MD

Hi, I’m Joel Bassam,
Director of Marketing for Easterns Automotive Group. And today, I want to tell you a
little bit about why we pay it forward in our community. To us, giving back isn’t an
option, it’s part of our DNA. We’ve been a part of this
community since 1988. And if we can’t give back
to the same community that has given us 30
years of business, then we wouldn’t
be doing it right. The concept for The Road
to a Better Community and Pay it Forward programs
with our broadcast partners came from a really simple idea. Every year we’re
approached to support all sorts of different local
charities around the holidays. And we just ask them
a simple question, what if we did this all year? You can see more past stories
of local community leaders that we’ve highlighted on our
segments and also nominate someone who’s paying it forward
in your community by going to easterns.com/community. And as always, you can see
more content just like this by going to our YouTube channel
or checking out our website.