Why These Vehicles GOT 3 WHEELS?

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world of science fun and machines in this video we’re gonna see some crazy
amazing three-wheeled vehicles which are at the next level Polaris slingshot the Polaris slingshot was first produced
in 2014 as an extreme rendition of a motorcycle and as a result does not
feature doors side windows or a roof the brainchild of polaris Industries the
slingshot is dedicated to the promise of an extreme life powered by menacing 2.4
liter inline 4-cylinder GM Ecotec engine capable of producing a stunning 173
horsepower at 6200 rpm this 791 kilogram monster is waterproof and packed with
onboard entertainment delivered by infotainment system with a 7-inch
touchscreen rear cameras and a Rockford Fosgate audio system it is important to
find out if the Palar slingshot is legally available for use in your
country following which you can join the line to pay a reasonable price of $19,995 for this the little bundle of
joy van der holle Laguna the van der holle Laguna is pure
exhilarating fun this three-wheeled autocycle was created by Bandar Hall
motor works as a perfect hybrid of a motorcycle and a four wheeled vehicle
van der Hall motor works is known for its production of handmade three-wheeled
Auto cycles designed for sports driving touring commuting and city driving and
the safety of its products is guaranteed by its NHTSA and EPA certifications this
three wheeler is the brainchild of CAD designer Steve Hall and features a
hand-laid carbon-fiber body patented components including the non welded
cross-hatched front grille and tab in slot aluminum monocoque chassis it satisfies your need for speed with a
180 horsepower GM 1.4 liter turbocharged engine capable of speeds reaching up to
210 kilometers an hour this baby could be yours for a price starting from
twenty nine thousand nine hundred fifty dollars and reaching up to eighty five
thousand dollars the Morgan Eve III the Morgan 83 wants to change the world
it packs innovative technology with environmental consciousness in a bundle
of British craftsmanship which weighs the less than 500 kilograms this
lightweight vehicle has a range of 150 miles and is driven solely by electrical
power it packs a surprising punch to reaching
speeds of 0 to 62 miles per hour and just 9 seconds and a blistering speed of
up to 90 miles per hour achievable under the right conditions driven by a
liquid-cooled electric motor that produces about 62 horsepower with the
help of 21 kilowatts lithium-ion battery pack it wraps this petite powerhouse of
an engine with a signature body resting on a tubular space frame this little
monster promises to be loads of fun if you can afford the price of 31,000 140
pounds of course can and spider as the name implies they
can’t and spider has the long lean features of its and namesake patterned
after a modern snowmobile the spider makes use of an ATV like chassis to
house a 100 plus horsepower Rotax engine comfortably fitted with LCD and dual
analog this three-wheeled motorcycle offers a smoother ride with traction and
stability control and anti-lock brakes and has been licensed for use in the
United States of America as a motorcycle the km spider answers to age-old
question of the possibility of a perfect blend between elegance and
cost-effectiveness with an attention to detail and flair previously only seen in
the finest of art pieces evidence of the can and spiders popularity is seen by
the sake of a more than 100,000 units since its release in the year 2007 at
the very affordable cost of $15,999 you may need to get a hold of one yourself
to see what the heights is all about Toyota I rode
this futuristic vehicle seems determined to combine the very best attributes of
the motorcycle with those of your typical four wheeled vehicle it combines
comfort and an environmentally friendly experience with a three feet wide and
seven feet long three-wheeled vehicle capable of navigating through the
smallest of spaces this battery-powered cutie takes about three hours to charge
and can run at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour with a top speed of 37 miles
per hour it’s well worth the purchase and just to watch this little baby go
rampaging down the streets companion t-rex
the Campania t-rex brings to mind prehistoric monsters with a taste for
danger to vote by Campania motors in Quebec Canada this aptly named vehicle
has been available for purchase since the 1990s it’s powered by an inline
6-cylinder engine from BMW and features a driver and single passenger seated
side by side with adjustable seat backs a foot pedal box and retractable
three-point belts unfortunately production of the Campania t-rex is in
question as the company is getting shut down and its assets seized by creditors
leaving all fans with concerns about the possibility of this great beast going
extinct our samoto SRK the are su voto SRK is fun fun fun this
three-wheeled vehicle represents an attempt of an environmentally friendly
vehicle that doesn’t feel overwrought or uncomfortable this semi-enclosed
motorcycle class vehicle is ideal for deliveries reaching top speeds of up to
one hundred twenty one kilometers an hour and arranged exceeding a hundred
and sixty one kilometers the our samoto sr k’s evergreen edition is efficient
affordable and insanely fun to drive designed with the company’s goal to
drive the shift in the transportation system to a more efficient and
sustainable model the base model of this vehicle is available at prices starting
from eleven thousand nine hundred dollars with an all bells attached
Evergreen Edition Fu me coming with heated seats and grips Bluetooth
speakers removable doors and lockable rear storage Segway se3 patroller the
Segway se 3 patroller was designed to project power and efficiency and
specifically tailored for missions where it’s necessary to protect a significant
command presence as expected this vehicle finds use in
the police and security services with preference and activities that require
visibility and stability such as safety maintenance and large pedestrian areas
shopping malls airports and business parks this subway SC 3 ensures that
you’re never caught off guard with its charge anywhere technology and
independent direct rear-wheel electric drive it also has emergency lights and
siren and it’s LED headlights ensure that you’re fully ready for anything
wherever you are this 181 kilogram monster starts at a price of $11,999
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