Why Not To Buy A Rebuilt AC Compressor

one two three four! rev up your engines it’s time for the scotty kilmer channel today I’m going to show you why not to
buy a remanufactured air conditioning compressor because on this Honda Prelude
there’s number one remanufactured there’s number two remanufactured and
here’s number three manufactured I just installed on the car now unfortunately
on this 1989 Prelude I couldn’t get anything but remanufactured Honda says
it’s an obsolete part and all my provider said they can’t get a brand new
compressor for this they said if it was an accord they could
get one with the preludes they didn’t sell enough of them it’s a different
compressor and you can only get remanufacturing so I’m trying one more
remanufactured ones I’m doing it for the customer for free but I said I’m not
going to do any more after this if this one breaks down number 2 remanufactured
here it worked but after about a month or two it’s started making horrible honking
noises and when you turn the air conditioner off it’s stopped making the
noise so I know they did a lousy job rebuilding a stupid thing now so far the
third one that I just installed isn’t making any odd clanking noises and it is
blowing nice ice cold air but it is the third one so you can imagine I’m not
that trust worthy of the thing now I’m going to take this one apart to show you
why don’t trust them because they’re so complicated inside keep taking it apart to get the
inside a little hammering, then take some more parts off and some more and now we can split it in half and
as you can see inside it’s kind of like a Mazda rotary engine spins around to
compress it’s very complicated and it’s very hard to rebuild these things
correctly and when you look closely here at the end it’s just metal to metal
there’s no piston rings or seals so as they wear they just wear out so when you
rebuild them heck odds are it’s not going to seal all that well I recently
read an article by a guy who checks these rebuilt compressors and he claims that
over two-thirds of them put out less than half of the power that a brand new
one would so not only may not last long when they rebuild them they’re not going
to work as well either and when it’s as hot as it is here in Texas it’s only
June but it’s already sweltering hey you want an air conditioning that works with
a 100% power 100 percent of the time and it’s going to last for years so next
time your air conditioning compressor crapped out take my advice install a
brand new one and remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit scottykilmer.com