Why New Nissan Cars Are So Bad, What Went Wrong

rev up your engines, welcome to my
Thursday video where I answer one of you viewers questions with an entire video,
and today’s question comes from Harry Lopez what do you think about the older
model Nissans before the Renault merger, were they good cars comparable to
the Toyotas and Hondas at that time, yes Nissans were better made cars back then,
up to the late 90s here’s a history of the Nissan Company to show you what happened, when I
was a young mechanic Nissan wasn’t even called Nissan it was called Datsun it
wasn’t until 1984 that the company changed its name to Nissan and
hilariously enough it cost the company 30 million dollars to change all the
signs on their dealerships from Datsun to Nissan, now those early Datsuns, they
could last a long time they had kind of two setups, the early ones like the
Datsun b210 they had tiny little engines, they didn’t cost much and they could last a
really long time, lots of my customers back then, hey they had a Datsun b210 as
a car they used in college I had one customer that had 400,000 miles on
one, they were little cars but hey they could run quite well if you didn’t mind
a little car and fixing them was a simple easy job, even rebuilding the
engine was pretty cheap, I had a customer with one the whole engine was rebuilt for
like 300 bucks and then it ran like a clock there were pretty dependable
little cars, but if you know anything about Datsun and Nissan whatever you
want to call them, they started to get into speed, the first real speed burner
the late sixties Skyline GTR that was a little bitty car but it put on 160
horsepower which was a lot for a light little car and that led to a whole range
of skylines, they even made station wagons and if you know anything about drift and hey
a lot of guys love those skylines turn them into drifter cars, they may be small
but they got a lot of power in them you can also mod them and they were very
popular car even today, as far as I’m concerned first real big hit Nissan
had was the 240z, that was the first real japanese mass-produced great sports car
back in the 60’s sports cars were known as fun to drive but they break all the time,
they’d leak oil, now with this Datsun 240z those things just could run for ever
with very little maintenance and people who knew about sport cars were amazed
because they said, whoa here’s a quick little car, it doesn’t leak oil starts every
time and gets pretty good gas mileage and of course they kept perfecting them
then they came out with the 260z the 280z the 300z they’re pretty
good sports cars there’s no arguing that they sold a lot of them, so Nissan hey
there were the ones that really perfected a mass-produced sports car,
much like Honda when they made just motorcycles, they perfected the
four-cylinder motorcycle before the Honda 750 made inroads as a speed burner
that could run forever, always start and not leak oil, people thought of motorcycles
as yeah they’re fast but they’re noisy and they leak oil and they break all the
time, Honda turned that on its head they made a fast motorcycle that could last
indefinitely with a little bit of care so Nissan really started the Japanese
mass-produce sports car market as far as I’m concerned, but the company
made various mistakes here and there as time went on, it was pretty much in the
rumor mill that the company it was up for sale, Ford was thinking about buying
it, but Ford had some problems and their stock went down and that deal fell
through, but in 1999 Renault kind of merged with Nissan, they didn’t buy them
it’s kind of a merger that Renault owns 45% of Nissan or something and Nissan
owns a percentage of them, it’s a really complicated deal, basically putting a
French car company in the mix the Japanese car company, now I know some
people like French cars I recently came from a trip to England and a lot of
people there drive French cars and they like them, but in the United States, French cars have
always been dismal failures, all the French manufacturers have tried to sell
cars in United States they all pulled out they had bad sales, people didn’t
know how to fix the cars, parts were expensive and hard to get, as far as I’m
concerned when Renault and Nissan when they merged,
not such a hot deal for Nissan because before 1999, cars like the Nissan Altima
they’re little bitty Nissan Sentra, hey those things were pretty solid built,
they could last a long time but in the 2000s a lot of Nissans started having
problems with engines wearing out prematurely and especially with bad
automatic transmissions that would wear out and cost a fortune to repair, and
heaven forbid you buy a late-model Nissan with a CVT transmission, those have
got to be the worst ones that are manufactured in the world as far as I
can tell, they’re always breaking in cars that my customers have, I get many times
people come and they’ll say what’s wrong with this Nissan and I’ll say, well
your CVT transmissions going out and some will say well you know I already
had it replaced once or they’ll say, gee I only got 60,000 miles and the
transmission is going out already, and that’s the reason I tell people not to
buy Nissans anymore the quality just isn’t what it used to be, it used to be
really well built cars they could last a long time you good a little bit Datsun
b210, a Nissan Sentra and yeah they were small cars and they rode a little bit
rough, but they’re pretty zippy for a small car could last a long time and
their sports cars back then we’re state-of-the-art, the ones today I see many
problems with their transmissions and their engines blowing head gasket, and they have
electrical problems and even simple things like, I’ve had customers with them
that the vehicles were like two years old and the mufflers rusted and fell off,
because look up my 25 year old Toyota Celica, it’s still got the original muffler on
it and it doesn’t leak and make noise and I mean they couldn’t make one that
lasted two or three years before when they welded it together
it was cheaply welded and it rotted and fell off, and their general design seemed
to get worse and worse, on a late-model Altima I had to change a blower motor,
to change the blower motor on any of these Toyotas normally I can do it in 15 minutes,
it was a six-hour job on that Altima because you had to take everything in the dash out to get to the blower motor instead of just having it at a nice
place with three little screws you take out and pop the motor in and out, so yes
Nissan used to make really good cars but after that merger with Renault, not so much, and
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