Why It’s Dumb to Buy a Smart Car

rev up your engines, do you think it’s a smart idea to buy a
smart car, now to understand if it is, you need a little history lesson about the
difference between Europe and the United States, now the Romans, they built roads,
they were eight Roman feet wide, which is a little bit less than seven point nine
feet, I guess the Romans had small feet so in Europe, hey there’s lot of really small
streets in the cities, there isn’t all that much room, but here in Houston Texas, by law the city streets have to be at least 28 feet, from curb to curb and many
are much larger, so in Europe and many parts of Asia, something like this Toyota
Highlander it’s seen as a giant vehicle where here, it’s just the normal sized
SUV, so in Europe in 1993 the swatch company, yes the people who made the
watches, I mean do you really want to buy a car from a company that makes a little
watches, so then in 1993 they decided to make a little urban car, they partnered
up with Volkswagen, but Volkswagen they thought about it and said we’re not going to do that, so then they partnered up with mercedes-benz, the name smart car is
kind of an anagram of swatch and Mercedes what they claim, and they
started to build them in France, now realize that the smart car is a very
short car, the length of the smart car is actually equal to the width of an
average American parking space, not the length, but the width, so they’re easy to
park in small spaces, but at the same time, they’re such tiny cars, if you’re
sitting in one and you’re driving on a highway and you’re looking way up at an
18-wheeler, you’re not going to feel too safe, and they don’t have too much power,
originally they had 60 to 70 horsepower with a vehicle that weighs almost a
whole ton, almost 2,000 pounds, they were very slow cars, and of course Americans,
since we’re such lazy people, mainly we drive automatic transmissions like
this one, in Europe they have standard transmissions, they were a little quicker
but with an automatic transmission these things are pretty slow,
and if you want a comparison, the last one that they’ve made with a gasoline
engine, put out 89 horsepower with a turbocharged engine, but it only got 33
miles per gallon in the city and 39 on the highway, in the same year, you can buy a Honda
Civic that was turbocharged, which had a hundred and seventy four horsepower and
got 32 in the city and 42 on the highway better all-around gas mileage for an actual
car that four people can fit in, yes they actually have quite a bit of legroom, and
granted they are kind of cute in their own strange small sort of way, if you
like little cars, and with their engines hiding in the back, the engine and the
transmission is all on the rear wheels so they actually do handle reasonably
well, you can see the bottom of the vehicle, there’s the engine and the
transmission the driveshaft all neatly packed into the back, now last year in the
United States they only sold five thousand four hundred and forty of these
smart cars, so it’s not very popular they were pretty much were a dismal failure in the
United States, because really Americans aren’t in love with small kind of little cars, take the Fiat 500 they spent a fortune advertising it, at the
peak in 2012 they did sell over fifty thousand Fiat 500s, but last year even
Fiat only sold 5500 Fiat 500s in the United States, so they’re pretty much a
dismal failure too, and when it comes to smart cars, there’s other reasons well
you shouldn’t think about buying one, one it’s a Mercedes Benz conglomerate, the
parts of them cost a small fortune and in the United States, they’re relatively
hard to get even now, and as of 2018 smart car says, they’re no longer going to
make gasoline or diesel cars, they’re only going to make all-electric cars, so if
you have a gasoline one, guess what, getting parts for it and getting it
repaired, is going to be even harder, it’s something I don’t advise people to do
unless they just want a toy to play around with, because you can get them
pretty cheap used now, but all in all buying a smart car is probably not such
a smart thing here in the United States so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!