Why is Powder Coating Better Than Painting?

ok powder coating allows you to coat cure
and put the park back in service in less than an hour the cured finishes more chips scratch
and solvent resistance and liquid coatings and the finish looks better too
because there are no drips runs are over spray and added bonuses that this
process is environmentally safe and can be done in the home shop you may be surprised at just how easy it
is to get started are hot cocoa powder coating system will have you coding like
a pro in no time but first you need to make sure that you
have the following first you need an electric oven or toaster oven dedicated
to curing parts you will be coding an old kitchen oven works fine but you need
to be located in a well-ventilated area and not used for food preparation do not use a gas oven second you’ll need
an air supply source for the gun from large projects too small the hot code
gun requires very little air just . 5 CFM at 5 to 8 psi works fine you can even use a portable air tank
with regulator third start with a clean bright well ventilated work area and
appropriate respirator dust mask and eye protection what is powder coating how does it work powder is essentially a pulverise
plastic material the hot code application gun electrostatically
charged as the powder powder adheres to the grounded metal part evenly
consistently and without order a decided advantage over painting the part is then
baked to flow the powder and cure it into a durable beautiful finish just follow the easy three-step process
the versatility of powder coating is impressive any metal part that can withstand the
Cure temperature without degrading can be powder coated before you coat be sure
to remove any coatings dirt grease or other contaminants from the park chemical stripping with East would you
code is an ideal way to prep the part larger parts can be cleaned by abrasive
blasting using a cleaning disk or wire wheel with the existing coatings and
contaminants removed perform a final cleaning of the part with pre-painting
prep just spray down liberally with free until what’s dripping off looks clean or
wipe with a lint-free towel mask any sections of the part that you do not
want to be coded be sure to mask threads close tolerance holes gasket surfaces
and other critical surfaces hang the part and practice sliding the rack in
the oven without disturbing the powder coated surface uncured powder is held in
place by static attraction and can be easily removed parts can often be
positioned on or suspended from an oven rack be sure to turn the oven rack around so
that is tilting it is not required to remove or install the rack hot cocoa powder is not solvent based in
his environmentally friendly although the hot code system is very
safe to use appropriate I and respiratory protection should always be
worn to begin application of powder build a gun cup a third of the way full
avoid overfilling is this may cause the powder to fluid eyes poorly attach the
air supply regulated to five to 10 psi plug the gun into a grounded 3-prong
outlet be sure to ground the part before
spraying this is usually done by attaching a ground and clip to the part
where wire holding the part now you’re ready to begin coding the part typically only one coat will be needed
apply the powder in an even and consistent manner it is not necessary to
apply the powder in an overlap fashion as required with conventional painting
coat inside corners and recesses first then coat the remainder of the part this will ensure an even consistent coat
continue to code until you no longer see the base metal showing through
Eastwood’s hot code system has many advantages over spray painting powder
coating reduces overspray making clean up a snap the powder on the floor can be
just swept up and dispose them in your household trash powder goes further than
liquid coatings because it contains no solvents 18 ounce bottle of powder
covers the same area that would normally require two to three cans of spray paint how is the powder cure most parts cure
in as little as 15 to 20 minutes at 320 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit after the
powder flows out be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions precisely for
best results you can even use an old range or toaster
oven for curing smaller parts decreasing process costs and minimizing
environmental impact once the part has cooled it is ready to
use you may wish to apply a clear top coat
over the powder finish in order to enhance the durability and depth of the
finish many powders are considered one step so
do not require top coat the basic hot code system from eastwood includes
everything you need to start powder coating the application gun activator
switch the disposable moisture filter and the detailed instructions for less
than one hundred dollars the deluxe kit includes everything in
the basic system plus all of the accessories shown for small shops and
professional users Eastwood also offers the pro system with commercial grade
construction and perform the program enables one handed operation
for quicker coating of both sides of apart a larger spray pattern combined
with variable output supply make the program a good choice for those who want
speed the pro system includes a professional-grade gun a 20 foot cable
and air regulator and complete instructions the pro-gun deluxe kit includes
everything in part number 58 111 hundred professional hot code gun system plus
all of the accessories shown hot cocoa powder coating equipment is designed to
grow with your hobby and business needs yeah yeah