Who Makes the Best Engines, Toyota or Honda

rev up your engines, welcome to my Thursday video where I answer a viewers question with an entire video, today’s question comes from Anderson Rodriguez and he asks, Scotty when are you gonna make the video who makes better engines Honda or Toyota, well my answer might surprise you a lot of people have accused me of being paid by Toyota to tell everybody how great their cars are well in terms of engines I would say Honda actually makes the best engines, now as you can see by the three cars in the driveway that’s the three cars we have they’re all either Toyota or Lexus that are just fancy Toyotas, but I own them because I’m a mechanic I hate working on my own cars and I’m cheap, so I want to get cars that will last the absolute longest with the least amount of maintenance so I buy Toyotas I buy them for the overall car but when it comes to engines themselves I believe that Honda actually makes the better engines and here’s a little history to back me up, now when I was a young mechanic in the early 1970s one of my father’s customers at the corner gas station had a Honda an600 which was the first car that Honda’s sold in the United States, it had a two cylinder air-cooled basically motorcycle engine of 598 cc’s it only put out 36 horsepower and strangely enough my father’s customer, the guy was like six foot six and he came crawling out of this car and I said, well what’s under that hood and he opened it up and I saw this tiny little air-cooled engine with a fan that cooled it running that a little bitty Honda, but Honda originally being a motorcycle company their into motors think about it, motorcycles are basically motors and wheels, the most important thing is the motor and they were very good at making Motors, Honda makes and designs all their own engines as an example the 2000 Honda s2000 was a really radical production design it was the first car that put out over a hundred and twenty horsepower per liter of size of any naturally aspirated engine of a car that cost less than a hundred thousand dollars, it was very interesting two liter design so it put out two hundred and forty something horsepower but it only costs thirty six thousand dollars, when any car that had more power than that per size you’re talking about a hundred grand up, so it was a pretty radical change there, so Honda over their history has designed and manufactured some excellent engines they keep perfecting them as time goes on now Toyota makes great engines too but when it comes to really interesting engine designs and power, hey a lot of the stuff that they tried out wasn’t even a Toyota design, for example the first Toyota real sports car was a 1967 2000 GT which had the basis of a Toyota 3M six-cylinder engine but another Japanese company also known for making motorcycles Yamaha was the one that actually built those engine up with fancy heads and stuff it was not really a Toyota design, it was more a Yamaha design now they only had a few hundred of them as you can see over here, they’re really cool-looking cars, they kind of look like mini Corvettes, but it’s not really a Toyota designed engine it was more of a Yamaha designed engine and then later in the 2000s Toyota put in some of their Celicas the 2zz ge engine which had all kinds of problems, it was also a Yamaha design but it was almost a complete Yamaha design and every single one of my customers that had one of those Celicas with the 2zz ge engine in it the engines went out and they had to put another engine in because they just weren’t built correctly and if you go to the present time 2018, the Toyota 86 sports car is in reality a Subaru with a Subaru engine in it, it’s pretty much the same car as a Subaru BRZ now the Toyota generally you can get them with fancier stuff on them but they’re actually made by Subaru not just the engine the whole car, so when it comes with trying new things Honda makes their own engine designs where Toyota hey they’re using other companies designs, now granted Toyota they’ve made so much money they own percentages of those other companies that are making the cars and engines but still as an engine builder I would have to say that Honda actually makes better engines than Toyota does, that’s one of the reasons you see a lot of kids souping up these civics, they’re good engines to begin with but man they can really be beefed up they have very interesting strong designs that not only put out a lot of power, but still last an awful long time with a little bit of maintenance so now you can all breathe a little easier knowing that Scotty isn’t being paid off by Toyota to say how great their products are, Scotty just tells it as it is and since this is the Thursday segment where I answer a viewers question, place your own question on the YouTube comments below, and I’ll pick the best ones to make a single video to answer your questions, and where else can you find a guy with 50 years experience of fixing cars to answer your own question with a 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