When This Happens, Don’t Start Your Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna show
you how to fix two common problems on this Toyota pickup truck now this was towed over to my house for one main reason the starter won’t stop starting
they had to take the battery cable off see what happens when we put it back on
it won’t stop cranking now she tried starting the truck and when she did the
truck started but the starter wouldn’t stop cranky 99% of the time that’s just
the starter shorting out internally it just keeps sending power and it keeps
spinning so in this case we’re just going to change the starter now the
first thing you do is disconnect the battery cable so you don’t short
anything out but it’s already disconnected so for crawl under the
counter unbolt it as you can see here this is threaded so the bolts are gonna
be on the inside and ball towards the back well go on there and there’s the
starter we’ll just take the bolts off and then on both the sides to pull it
off we take the two bolts are holding it in it’s all got an extension on this one
it’s hard to get to he’s not a little working run out there but way inside up
in here you can see that bolt head right up in the top so I have to remove the
two bolts on the line we just slap one of these starters then bolt it on it’s a
lot easier putting them in than it is taking enough especially when they’re 24
years old then we put the battery cable back on close the hood and see what
happens and that sucks off your vehicle starter keep spinning I won’t turn off
now you know how to fix it yourself yeah you might get a little dirty and
sweaty got think of the money you’re saving, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell