What We’re Looking Forward to Driving in 2019 | Jeep Gladiator, Porsche 911, Toyota Supra and more!

Noise,” your weekly look at all things automotive,
and some of the things you may have missed from
the Edmunds editorial team this week. TRAVIS LANGNESS:
Or at least that’s what we normally show you. But since everybody
around here is recovering from the New Year’s
festivities, we thought we’d take a look
at everything that’s coming up in 2019 and
show you what we’re excited for in the new year. CARLOS LAGO: Now this
list is hardly exhaustive, so if there’s something you
want to see tested and reviewed by us, let us know in
the comments below. [MUSIC PLAYING] TRAVIS LANGNESS: One of the
stars of the LA Auto Show this year was the Jeep Wrangler
pickup truck or Gladiator, as they’re calling it. And the Gladiator has
class-leading towing capacity, and if looks are any indication,
it’ll be just as good off road as a Wrangler. Although some off-roaders will
note that the wheelbase is much longer than even
the four-door Wrangler, so breakover height
could be an issue. CARLOS LAGO: Skid plate
manufacturers and rock slider manufacturers, rejoice. It’s a Jeep thing. There’s a new 911, and it
looks a lot like the last 911, but a new Porsche 911 is
always something significant in the industry. We’re going have a report
very soon about how it drives and hopefully we get
a bit more detail about what makes
it so different, because it certainly
isn’t the way it looks. TRAVIS LANGNESS: After years
of leaks, camouflaged photos and a little bit of
detail here and there, we know that the Toyota Supra
is finally going to production. And we’ll even be able to get
our hands on one next year, or we’ll keep our
fingers crossed. But what we do know
is that sadly, it won’t come with a
manual transmission. CARLOS LAGO: Bump,
bump, ba, bump. There are three things we know
about the new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. One, Ford’s making it. Two, it’ll have well
over 700 horsepower. And three, it’ll
be up for auction at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale. Now considering that
auction happens this month, we should know a lot more
about this new uber powerful super pony car at the
end of this month. Land Rover announced
last week the return of the Defender to
the United States. Now details are slim,
if existing at all. But we do know from a
camouflage prototype that we saw on a photo,
it looks very boxy. We expect to know a
lot more this year and deliveries are supposed
to happen by next year. We’ve covered the vehicles
we know we’re definitely going to see this year. Now we’re getting into the
ones that may or may not exist in 2019. TRAVIS LANGNESS: For Rivian,
there’s the R1T and the R1S. It’s a truck and an
SUV respectively. And with Rivian stats as 0
to 60 being three seconds or towing as much
as 11,000 pounds, we’re really excited
about the truck, and the SUV looks good as well. With the GV80 concept,
Genesis brought out what was a concept
two years ago– And what will hopefully
be an SUV that comes out this year, or at
least we’ll get a look at it. Genesis has a lot of
successes under its belt and the concept Essentia
looked really good. So we’re looking forward to
seeing what this one may or may not look like in 2019. CARLOS LAGO: Coming up on
this channel this weekend, Travis, have you ever wondered
how much a manual slows you down? TRAVIS LANGNESS: Glad you asked. No, I haven’t. CARLOS LAGO: Well,
great, because we have a video showing
you exactly what happens when you do acceleration
runs in a Porsche 911 GT3 with a PDK automatic
and a six speed manual. And that does it for
this week’s episode of Edmunds “Road Noise.” Be sure to leave your
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