What Size Air Compressor is Needed to Paint a Car?

Choosing an air compressor that can keep
up with the demands of auto body repair and painting can be very confusing but
if you focus or concentrate on two very important questions it becomes a lot
easier. The first question is – can it keep up – can it keep up with a spray gun, a DA,
grinder etc. so first question- can it keep up? Second question: is it quiet? This
size air compressor is a very good starting point for automotive body
repair and painting at home. It runs on 110 so you can easily use it in a
garage. Oil filled compressor, so it’s very quiet and the tank sizes range from
like 12 to 30 gallons. This specific compressor runs any tool that I want it
to run. It keeps up very well with the exception of trying to sandblast for a
long period of time or DA sanding a whole vehicle. You can oftentimes find
these on Craigslist for around 50 to $100 used and anywhere from $400 on up
new. So again, it keeps up with the tools and it is very quiet. A lot of these old
Sears or Craftsman air compressors had various tank sizes. Now the bigger the
tank the less the compressor is going to cycle on and off but I decided to give
you a shot of this tag so you can see the model number and look up the
specifications on this compressor if you want it to and that number is one zero
six one seven three eight four zero. Another nice thing about the older
craftsman or Sears compressors is that the motor was made in USA too and these
motors last a very very long time lastly I’d like to show you just how
simple and reliable the oil filled compressors are. On this side is a Devilbiss. By removing six bolts it comes apart and underneath you have two
read valves that can be removed and cleaned – then a plate that has two more
reed valves that can be removed and this is the back side and then the Pistons
and the crankshaft. On this side we have an old CH by
removing six bolts it comes apart – you have two read valves that come off and
then a plate and then two more reed valves that can be removed and cleaned
then the backside and then the Pistons and the crankshaft. So again, these are very
simple and reliable compressors and they last a very long time. Again, choosing a
compressor for doing bodywork and painting can be difficult but this size
and type of compressor – twin cylinder – one horsepower – 12 to 20 gallon tank – in my
opinion is a good starting point it is a minimum, however, but it should give you a
good idea on where to begin. So I hope you enjoyed this video on choosing an
air compressor for automotive bodywork and painting – and if you did and you’d
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