What is the best brand for Paint Protection Film / PPF? – Empire Auto Spa FAQ

Hi everybody Shawn here with Empire Auto Spa
to answer the question: What is the best paint protection film?” Now there are a lot of things that you want
to consider when selecting a paint protection film. First and foremost, the film is secondary
to the installer really when you’re hiring somebody to install that paint protection
film they can use the absolute best film in the world, but if they’re not a good installer
you’re not going to get it good end result. Number 1 : When considering paint protection
film, there are actually two things you want to take into account; not just the performance
of the film, but also how its being cut. Now this is an interesting thing that most
people don’t take into account all, of the major film manufacturers provide pre-cut patterns
for your automobile. Some of the patterns are very very good and
they’re very true to the shape of your automobile. Others on the other hand are not. Sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s real bad. Their product is fine but the patterns that
they provide have gapping issues and excessive amounts
of seams. This takes what’s supposed to be an invisible
material and makes it VERY visible and that defeats the purpose of it entirely. Paint protection film is by far the best way
to protect your daughter but there are some things to take into account: First and foremost, most importantly the installer
second and even third is make sure you get a good name brand product but also make sure
you’re doing business with somebody that has the best patterns. This is the reason that we use Xpel ultimate
Plus in our opinion it is all of the above now you do your own research and figure out
what works best for you and then you’ll have the perfect combination. If you need help, reach out and ask us, we’re
happy to help. Please call us today with any questions. We are your south central Florida experts
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