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a multi-plate clutch is a type of clutch
in which the multiple clutch plates are used to make frictional contact with the
flywheel of the engine in order to transmit power between the engine shaft
and the transmission shaft of an automobile vehicle a multi-plate clutch
is used in automobiles and in machinery were hired to work out what is required
in bikes and scooter multi-plate clutch is used due to the limitation of compact
gearbox used in bikes and scooter as we know it clutch is the most important
integral part of a powertrain as it is used to transmit the power from engine
shaft to the transmission shaft for further shifting the drive to require to
work or speed output but what is the need of multi-plate clutch let’s discuss
where there is a need of high to work out what like in pickup truck a single
plate clutch fails to provide that much frictional force that is required to
provide such a high torque so in the heavy vehicle light pickup trucks
multi-plate clutches are used in two wheeler vehicles like bikes and scooters
there is a problem of packaging due to their small size so to fulfill the need
of required to work output instead of a large single plate clutch a multi-plate
clutch having small clutch plates is used to transmit power between engine
shaft and the transmission shaft when there is the engagement of the clutch
multiple plates of a multi-plate clutch provides a more frictional force between
the flywheel and the pressure plate as compared to single plate clutch due to
which the chances of slip is almost negligible and a multi-plate clutch when
we go to the terrain having different ups and downs or different throw
challenges or multi-plate clutch is required to maintain the smooth and
steady engagement between the engine and the transmission shaft which in turn
continuously provides the required amount of torque and speed to the
vehicle the efforts required by the driver on the clutch pedal in order to
engage or disengage the is less and the multi-plate clutches
compared to single played clutch