What is Mechanical Engineering?

The Texas A&M mechanical engineering
department has been consistently ranked in the top ten U.S. public engineering
programs. We are an institution of choice for students from around the world. Our
students are serious about obtaining a degree in getting their start toward a
successful engineering career. Through the curriculum the department strives to
prepare our students for careers in traditional mechanical engineering
fields as well as careers in cross-disciplinaries in research,
academia, and industry. When we think about mechanical engineering, what we’re talking about first is mechanics which describes how bodies and forces interact. So the
influence of forces on different bodies or structures. When we talk about engineering we’re talking about design and innovation and creating systems or
devices that can help society. If you want to create, if you want to design, if you want to make a difference, if you want to know that you had a part in creating
something that helps someone else then mechanical engineering is definitely the
place for you. If you want to make something completely new and to change
the world, then mechanical engineering is definitely the place to start. Especially here at Texas A&M. You have the biggest network, you have
the most distinguished professors, you have some of the most interactive and
most diverse research here. Because mechanical engineering in particular is so broad of a field, you can pick any ten mechanical engineers on the street and
ask them what they do on a daily basis and get ten extremely different answers.
To the point where you wouldn’t even realize these people had the same
training. Mechanical engineering opens up a world of possibilities to you, where you can use your
creativity, your technical skills, and really find something that you’re
passionate about and make a difference in that area. To me the most exciting
thing about a mechanical engineering degree at Texas A&M is just the world of
possibilities you have. I’m really excited about my job I have starting out, at
ExxonMobil working in fixed equipment. I know I’m gonna really like that. But I’m
also really excited where if in 10 years I realized I don’t like that kind of
industry, I can go do something else. Texas A&M mechanical engineering
department believes that mechanical engineering can be defined as, the
harnessing of energy. We believe the greatest harnessing energy can be found
in each one of our classrooms and labs. Faculty members can do research anywhere, those who chose to do
research in a university environment are doing that because they enjoy working
with students. They like engaging with students and helping students understand a challenging concept. It’s refreshing for faculty members to be around college age
students. They bring new ideas, they bring different ideas they bring energy and
innovation in the classroom as well as in the lab. One of the things I think is needed is an eye-opening experience when we get students involved in research, they start seeing
the university as a whole in a different way James J Kane building houses state of
the art labs, classrooms, and study spaces which are available to mechanical
engineering students twenty-four seven students that are pursuing an education
in mechanical engineering today, have endless opportunities waiting
for them. The world is becoming more and more
technical as we go. Cars are getting smarter, our phones now
are smarter than the computers that landed the Apollo 11 crew on the moon. The energy industry is an obvious
place for mechanical engineering graduates to go. As there is challenges
with extracting resources from the ground, as well as harnessing the wind as
another form of clean energy, and making a lot of changes and continuing to meet
the demands for the future. A lot of our nation’s infrastructure is also aging.
You see roads, bridges, all of these things that help make our country great,
will need upgrading. The mechanical engineers that graduate in the future from
Texas A&M are gonna have a world of possibilities. We are excited about what
the future holds for our department and invite you to join us for this
incredible journey. Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student you’ll find
the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University is a great place to
be a part of.