What is a composite?

WHAT IS A COMPOSITE ? To understand what this material is composed of let’s take a closer look at its structure. It has at least two different components whose properties complement each other. The first is most often made up of technical fibres such as glass or carbon fibres and is used to reinforce the strength of the product. This is referred to as “reinforcement” or “fibre reinforcement”. The second component is a binder. It can be a plastic or polymer resin. This “matrix” ensures the cohesion of the structure. The materials thus obtained have properties that the components on their own do not have. Take the example of this car. In 5 years it will weigh 250 kg less and allow energy savings of 0.4 L per 100 km. Furthermore, composites on the whole have the advantage of being very resistant and are much lighter than metals. Arkema even recycles thermoplastic resin-based composites through its Elium® solution. Composites, due to their properties can be used in varying ways especially in ships’ hulls sports accessories for motor sports car parts or fuselage for latest-generation aircraft. Today is a major opportunity for Arkema which occupies a prominent place in this field of innovation.