What does innovation in marketing mean to someone in the automotive industry?

Innovation to us is first and foremost from
a marketing standpoint. Because there are so many options and because technology on
the product side is so close and quality has become so close, is innovations, that constant
search to try to find ways to differentiate yourself as a marketer to stand up for something
new, something that’s gonna matter to consumers. It’s a heavily considered purchase and a
heavily shopped purchase. So it’s difficult to get in and differentiate yourself. So I
k that’s an ongoing arms race of trying to be innovative and differentiate yourself
there and then I think on the other side of it, there’s channel innovation. And we saw
things like search come in and third party sites and lower funnel activity online completely
changed how we look at automotives. And it was seismic shifts in budgets and resources
and where we need to have people. And so I think as new media emerges and we
need to innovate there, we’ll have to keep on eye on what that means and where that takes
us. So we’re looking closely, obviously, at things like addressing TV and mobile and what’s
gonna happen in those spaces.