What a Maaco Paint Job Looks Like! BMW Giveaway Update

Alright, so, just got the car back. We painted white as I said we’re gonna make this thing look good. And from 15 feet I think it looks spot on. Problem is when you get a little closer. You realize why Maaco is cheap. And we’ll get to that in a second. But to paint a car well usually costs about $5000. If you go to some ritzy place it may cost you 10 plus. But, uh, I just figured “It’s a $10000 car how much money do I really want to put into painting it?” And less than $2000 seemed like the right amount of money. Now, Maaco has packages anywhere from $500 which is just like (Imitates aerosol can spraying) Or they have the almost $2000 package which I got. Which was $1800. And they sorta do everything. And I wanted them to do the door jambs. And the trunk jambs. And all that other stuff that wouldn’t normally be done with the cheapo package. So at least this is all white. Had I known it wasn’t going to be done like super well I probably would have said don’t even bother. Just spray the outside. So let me show you a couple of the things I see that I’m not thrilled with. Um, namely stuff that’s, like, still yellow, like here. You can see yellow, and yellow, and yellow. I mean, just sloppiness, uh, the tires are painted white. You can see on all the tires, ignore the dirt on the back. And then you see yellow under the head light. And then like namely over here you got yellow right here. I mean I’m all for like giving a little bit of latitude And being like alright. The understandable stuff is like I even had them do the engine bay. But you can see a little bit of yellow through the nostrils there. Cause that’s like, I don’t expect them to paint that. But if it’s visible and it’s just a crappy taping job or something like that, jesus That stinks, so from here, from anywhere I mean the car is good enough. It’s gonna pass. I’ll probably complain to Maaco. Because, even though I like to have low standards. When you have low standards it’s really hard to disappoint me. But to spend the most money they have to offer this is like “I’ll take the urethane I’ll take that. I’ll take that. I’ll take that. Two stage whatev” This is the best they’ve got. From 15 feet, 10 feet, even 5 feet it looks good. You sorta have to go around and sorta be nitpicky. But when you buy the best, you reserve the right to be a little nitpicky. But the paint is done. Going to get some new emblems. Going to start working on the interior now. Um, I’ve got the coil over shocks that are going to go on it. Um, the decals are going to get applied. Probably a little later in the week. I’m going to let the paint cure a little bit more. Other than that, the process is started. I have some tires coming in from Yokohama. I’ve got the, uh, I’ll stick with these wheels. Uhm, but we’ve got the Yokohama tires coming. I’ve got a Wheelwood big brake kit coming for this car. It’s going to have the coilover suspension. I’m changing all the bushings. And the engine mounts so it’s going to be nice and tight. I’ll fix the window. I’ll fix the interior piece. Maybe swap the radio if there’s time. But this thing already I’m going to be probably 15, 16, 18 thousand dollars deep into this. We’re not going to go crazy because I’m not going to turn it into my money pit or somebody else’s. But I want to give someone a nice looking nice driving car. And we’re going to be there. So if you haven’t registered yet be sure to go online. Register in the link below. And you get your free registration. You can go to the SuperSpeeders t-shirt store on www.teespring.com also a link in the description. You get 4 additional entries. You can buy anything. You don’t have to receive your tshirt But buy anything up until the drawing you’ll get your additional entries emailed to you. Through the link, you’ll have the code, you enter it in you get 5 entries. And you get a chance to get a free car. It’s nice. I mean I’ll get rid of this, this is glaringly terrible. But I’ll get rid of the white wall tires here. And it’s going to be a nice looking car. You can’t really complain because it’s free. Maybe next time when we’re at a million or something like that I’ll give a away something like a Ferrari. Thank you for watching. Thank you for subscribing. There’s your update. This is not BMW white by the way. I went with the Audi white because I thought it looked cooler. And I think it looks good. Does it look good rolling down the street, Ian?
He’s nodding. He’s saying yes. Ok. He doesn’t have a mic. Ian says it looks good. It could be yours. We’ll know in 6 days. Thank you for subscribing to the channel.
I’m out. Gonna go warm up somewhere. So big shout out to dashhub.com and panjo.com for making this car possible. Guys make sure you check out the links to their websites below. That is a big reason why I am able to give you this car. And so is you guys subscribing.