We’re back!!!: How to paint wheels *depreciation*

buddy back we’re under garage I moved into an apartment we’ve been super busy but we didn’t die that’s like what’s important yeah weird thing is we actually made a video that was supposed to put out like a month ago yeah that us moving in but then we got lazy and busy if you’re wondering why you’re like angled like that it’s because you’re on the bumper of my car and my car is on two wheels right now yeah because show them what’s up Chum what’s up it’s on two wheels because we’re doing a project today right now we’re setting the wheels they’re going black we just finished the other side up this morning they’re going like this sick ass gloss black the calipers are going gold it was time for like a refresher on this car like every day I changed my mind about if I’m gonna sell this car or not and you know like when I’m not driving it I hate it I’m so bipolar this car will be driving will be driving down the road and I’m like I feel like gotten it out of at a light go look at me I can’t sell this every time every time every single time so first step is get the wheels off and prep them wash them twice sand them with two different grits and then uh tune in with you on the next part that we decided to do yeah these are over Nate’s back to using the correct sandpaper okay so first we started off with 320 cuz you want to go lower to higher cuz the higher the smoother it’ll get 320 and then 400 for those of you who don’t care about sandpaper skip this part of the video okay but for those of you are actually at watching ty gonna do this this is important so yeah do these things like make sure you make those like flush like that’s not flush yet make sure you make it flush always keep it drenched keep the wheel drench and just honestly take your time with this because prepping and doing all the diligence first is what makes the wheels come out clean and made your job in the end easy exactly the next thing we’re doing is masking off the wheels like that because even though we are using black spray-paint I got a little bit of black on those wheels that are already done and like you can see the black because the wheels aren’t totally black dick rubberized buck so you gotta mask off the rest of the wheel you alright the masking is done and then I went ahead and blocked that off and that off because that’s the little m-sport logo because he’s armed sport wheels and then what I did is you could see I just put that piece of tape and then it cut right around it and they came out clean like here to cut just right around it exacto knife came out clean and then I’m gonna prep these wheels with some rubbing alcohol solution and then the fun part begins actually before the fun part I get to do the really fun part and clean up the dumbass mistake I made so we got the calipers all cleaned up now the hands are dirty so I used what I use I use this nonsense what is this basic caliper cleaners from elliptical autozone and then I used a wire brush these is a really hard wire brush that’s how much like crap came off the calipers and then after you do that you want to cover it with a bag and tape make sure you tape off all these essentials and stuff because you don’t want to spray everything else just like that and that you can already see the gold paint cuz I did the other side that stuff actually came off a really well I know it doesn’t look like it on camera but it the black is completely gone once it’s completely dry like you’ll never know it was there so chrome move I learned from my mistakes putting some paper towels down and I put the wheels right on top of it and the paint will all just land right there and I won’t have to do that again so pro tip of the day you gonna paint the ground that paint the ground all right guys the fun part is here it’s time to paint these wheels get your pant ready take it up pretty good she let it comes out please even we got that garage door completely open and this one that you guys are violence on is bouncing around bouncing around bouncing the first coat is so important in a sense that you need to lay a foundation but it’s not so important in a sense that you don’t need full coverage and there should still be spots leaking because it’s the first coat we’re gonna do five coats on these wheels and if you guys were able to tell was running out of paint there at the end because I used what was left over from the last two wheels all four wheels is only gonna take me a can and three quarter yeah a cannon three quarters not even two full cans if you do it right that’s 5 10 15 that’s 20 coats so I really recommend this stuff ooh I see it there it is I’m gonna go shower and groom myself because we’re an 11 miles this morning and then by the time I get back down they’ll be ready for the second coat and I’ll have a new can and then we’ll link up back then all right guys I just finished my shower which felts so good Nate and I ran 11 miles this morning and I didn’t even shower till like 4:00 p.m. we should we ran it like eight or nine but it’s time for the second coat finish up the our second coat on the calipers – it’s looking good it dried perfectly dry just the way I wanted it to I’m not gonna film all the coats for you guys cuz like that’s boring is but besides that I’ll probably film this coat just so you guys know how to do the second coat and then it’s the same from there goes the first coat on the CalPERS we’re just using pretty much the same type of pain as the other one this is like I don’t remember the color code for it it’s just a gold define awesome it’s pretty sick stuff but it on the last card here we go so guys remember that the first coat it wasn’t supposed to cover everything completely the second coat will probably cut yeah it will cover everything completely and then the coats after that you just work off that but this is a new cans remember to shake it up really well alright guys so we got full coverage there these wheels are looking so good this isn’t my first time doing this so I have I have a pretty good amount of experience doing this so I expect them to look the way they do but these are expensive wheels and I want to mess anything up and I don’t want to wreaths and everything so I’m glad they’re coming out good now I’m gonna do the second coat on the CalPERS the CalPERS you’re only gonna get three or four coats and then the wheels are gonna get five so we still go a lot of time off today Suns going down so we’re running out there but we got lights in here so we’ll be good [Music] yeah buddy hey all right guys and go the wheels are done I didn’t think they were gonna cure this nicely cuz of the weather oh man did you just tick off all the tape you got that mm oval right there and right there I made sure to tape that off this is some meat right here this is gonna look so fit on the other side of this car man you know what Connor get to the roller footage [Music] [Music] [Music]