Welding Machines And Car Repair

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to talk a little about why you might think about
getting an electric arc welder, to fix things on your car, now electric arc
welders are really simple devices, they’re basically just a giant transformer, to
put on a lot of electricity so you can weld with electricity,
they’re very rugged machines, I bought this one on sale for about 200 bucks at
harbor freight tools, and when your looking for a good welder, pick it up,
if it’s heavy like this one, you know it’s solidly built, and if you’re working
on cars, this 225 amp welder is strong enough, and they’re very simple devices, you
just turn the on switch, turns it on, then you crank the crank, to change the
current readings, whether you want to higher or lower, in this case we’re
setting it at about 125 amps, because I’m using a 1/8 inch welding rod, and welding
heavy steel, that’s a pretty good setting, now admittedly, welding is sort of an art,
but you get very good basic books to tell you what kind of rods to use, what kind
of settings to use, for what kind of welding, we’re just going to show you how
basic weld works now, the ground clamp is just ground to the metal piece that
you’re welding on, then the welding rod just goes into the positive wire, to do
the welding with, and of course I’m going to be wearing a welding helmet, so I don’t
get blind, and I’m using a special helmet, it’s autodarkening, so you can see a
little, but once the flash comes up, that activates the solar panel, which turns
it’s super dark, so you can see the weld, if you don’t get one of these in just a
real dark one, you’re always lifting it up and down
looking at the work, this way you can keep the helmet on the whole time, and of
course you want to wear good old leather gloves to keep the sparks from getting
your hands and burning you, and anything long-sleeve to keep it from getting on
your skin, now in welding, you have to have bare metal surface, so you got to
get all the paint off, that way when the clamps are on, you get
full electrical power, now when you start, you have to start an arc, so you
scratch it a little, then it starts arching, then you start to apply a bead and stay about an 1/8 inch away from the arch, you want to get little swirls like this in a line, you’ll get good with
practice, just practice for a while, I found that the best thing to do is to
get different pieces of metal, practice on them, get a book that shows what kind
of rods to use and what kind of metals, and how much thickness metal to use what
kind of amperage on your welder, and you’ll be able to weld things together
really well, after a few days of practice, and here’s a tip, the welding rods are
covered with this flux, if you store it where it’s humid and wet, the flux will come
off, so do what I do, store them in the refrigerator, because there’s no
place dryer than the inside of a fridge, it’s really dry, keeps them from going out, I
store my gunpowder in there too, so the next time something big breaks on your
car, don’t buy an expensive part, weld it back together, because if you buy it on
sale like me, a good welder is the best 200 bucks you’ll ever spend on tools, and
remember if you have any car questions visit the scotty kilmer channel,
and I’ll answer them as soon as I get back from paradise, assuming I come back!