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Rain. It’s just one of the many reasons you
need quality weatherstripping in your car or truck, and Metro makes it and makes it
right. After all, we’re the weatherstrip expert. Metro SUPERsoft is made from the finest ingredients
in our own plant. SUPERsoft is sunlight and ozone-resistant to last and last. But most
of all, it’s soft. SUPERsoft is the softest automotive EPDM sponge you’ll find. You never
have to slam your doors with SUPERsoft. A formula for softness that took eight years
to perfect. SUPERsoft has it all: jet black good looks, a smooth surface, unprecedented
memory, all coupled with a durability and toughness not available before, and the 15-year
guarantee says it all. Metro SUPERsoft is also the most accurate
brand of weatherstrips. Why? Our molds are made using CNC mills programmed with the latest
CAD systems by experienced engineers with an eye for perfection. Our reproduction weatherstrips
incorporate nylon pin systems, steel and wire cores, and are hot-bonded to our highly detailed
ends. To compliment our reproduction line for cars up to 1998, we’re introducing a universal
line of weatherstripping. Programs consist of popular closed sale profiles with peel-and-stick
installation. All weatherstrips are coupled with easy, sleek packaging that alerts and
lets your customers know that an exact reproduction OEM-style is available through your store.
The real thing. Yes, stock only at the Universal Parts, and Metro SUPERsoft will ship the OEM
reproduction the same day. You’ll increase profits, with little or no inventory risks. Along with our 8,000 different manufactured
parts, Metro also makes a high-volume universal line of great add-on products, such as ball
joint dust boots, snap-in bumpers, grommets, and o-ring assortments, bypass caps, coil
spring boosters, tie rod dust boots, and more, all with eye-grabbing packaging. Let Metro
molded parts tailor a sales program for you. Talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives
to get the rest of the Metro story, a story that started in 1918 to be exact. Let our
80 years of experience give you the edge on weatherstripping.