Waterloo Engineering Electric Vehicle Challenge

the EV challenge is an electric vehicle
event for high school students we’re building electric cars we’re going
to try to go as far as we can in 75 minutes we have two races 12 volt
race and a 24 volt race the idea is not to go as fast as you can
but to go as smart and efficiently as you can to participate at school has to
commit to building the car and it takes the better part of a year to make that
happen we don’t provide any guidance other than
this is how frame looks and this is where the wheels go so the students and the team really are
starting from scratch every car that each team has done is different none of
them have the same characteristics and they all handle differently I have great nine students working with
great 12 students students that are taking automotive design communication
so all those different things can be part of this some students did welding some that are
electrical so they got a whole myriad of experience doing different items on the
car what I really like about the race is it
gets people excited who doesn’t want to be a race car driver this is really inspired me to take automotive I’ve always been into cars I like
technology and I think this is a really good step for that the winner of the 24-volt
race historically that car has gone to the
Toronto auto show and the winning team gets an all-expense-paid trip to the
Auto Show limousine transport the whole thing and photo op around their car I think that we did pretty well for
this thing a first time overall it’s been a great experience
we’re definitely coming back next year we’re probably gonna build another car what this race provides is the
opportunity to have experiences in designing vehicles and building vehicles
and working as a team those are all great experiences that we can teach in the classroom