Waterless Washing HEAVY DIRT & ROAD GRIME – Chemical Guys ECOSMART Audi Q7 DIRTY

Another way to use waterless if you want to
upgrade from a standard sprayer that comes with EcoSmart RU, you can use one of our dual action sprayers. This is dual action Kwazar Sprayer limited edition in Chemical Guys black and
orange! The reason I’d want to use a dual action sprayer
is you get a lot more product on the car quickly. The cool thing about the dual action sprayer
is it sprays when you pull it, and release. So you can cover larger surfaces easily. I’ll spray out this area and finish cleaning
the door. To use the dual action sprayer, all you do
is start spraying the vehicle. The dual action sprayer gives a finer mist
than a standard sprayer. I’ll take my microfiber towel, and wipe in
one direction. You can wipe in a snake pattern to cover large
areas. Look at all the dirt we pulled off the surface. That’s what you want to see: you want to see
the dirt gone! Now I’ll flip over my microfiber towel and
buff off the surface for a nice clean look. This is good for people who live in states
with lots of salt on the road. You might not want to be outside washing your
car with water in the cold, so you can use this waterless technique. You can also do this in your warm garage,
or outside, or at a car show. You don’t need water to detail a whole car! I can do all my work using waterless technology. Look at that shine! You get a nice shine over the whole vehicle,
and you don’t have to worry about all this nasty stuff on the surface. You can look at yourself in the deep black
reflective shine in the surface. It works on all automotive surfaces, including
wheels! These wheels are very dirty as well, but it may be hard to see this on camera. They’re an anthracite color, and rough textured.. But I’ll first spray down the wheel in this
area, and wipe off any dirt from the surface. Look how it pulled all that dirt from the
surface! I didn’t have to use wheel cleaner, I just
used EcoSmart and a microfiber towel. I like knowing that I can detail an entire
car quickly and easily using EcoSmart. It makes a big difference in the end. I’ll go ahead and detail this whole side of
the car with EcoSmart and show you the difference between the driver and passenger’s side! I’ve made it back to the dirtiest part of
the car. This is the rear section of the vehicle where
a lot of stuff gets spit up from tires like snow, salt, everything. This is real thick debris, it’s not mud–it’s
salt, corrosive material that can damage the paint permanently. I can go ahead and remove it all using EcoSmart
right now. I’ll first soak the area using EcoSmart in
my Kwazar dual action sprayer. Already, EcoSmart is pulling off all the salt
and road grime off the vehicle for a nice clean look! clean look! I’ll take my microfiber towel, and wipe in
one direction. I’ll use a snake pattern so I can move my
way down to the dirtiest part at the bottom. Look at that! That’s real dirt on top of the towel! If you have extra dirty spots, you can add
a little extra lubrication for a nice clean look. There we go: Nice, fresh, black paint. And
that’s what we want, a nice fresh look on this vehicle. You can see how easily EcoSmart took off all
that dirt and debris, a nice fresh look on this vehicle. You can see how easily EcoSmart took off all
that dirt and debris, we still have some back here, it’s so thick
you can even hear it.. But on this side it’s clean and fresh and
has a nice clean look, and we didn’t have to use any water or buckets, we only used waterless technology. If you have any questions about our EcoSmart, our waterless wash technology that you can use anywhere outside, indoors, in snow, or sun, give us a call, send us an email, or you can find me and these cool products
hanging out at ChemicalGuys.com