VW Passat 2020 review: 140TSI Business Wagon

we’re in a wagon this week the original family car and isn’t she a beauty the
Volkswagen Passat not only looks great but it’s functional too I think that’s
what we’re all after right now some functionality
[Music] I’m in the 140 TSI business wagon which
costs around $48,000 before on road costs and competes with cars like the
Skoda Superb and mazda6 wagon here’s how it did for this week’s family review
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hit subscribe it’s a lovely heart to look at very
sleek and elongated when you compare new style Agins to suvs wagons definitely
win in the star stakes this one is designed beautifully with the headlights
blending into the front grille the interior is also great you get
leather-appointed seats a leather steering wheel and a leather wrapped
gear stick which all look and feel quite premium and the steering wheel has a
nice flat bottom which is one of my favorite shapes the center console is
really nicely designed with some metallic touches here and there
everything feels like it’s in a right place in this car there are two
cupholders in the front you get a spot for keys and a phone there’s a good
sized Center storage bin and there are bottle holders in all four doors
space-wise it’s very comfortable with the front seats being 14 way power
adjustable they’re also heated and the driver’s seat has a built-in massage
option which is my favorite feature it’s got plenty of leg and Headroom for even
the taller members of my family the kids enjoyed being able to climb into the car
without having to climb up the way they normally would into an SUV which does
take small children some time to get in and out this is a quick entry and exit
I’m comfortable back here at 161 centimeters and there is plenty of space
between my knees and the seat in front of me other adults and taller teenagers
will be fine back here too you will get two cupholders in the center armrest and
rear passengers also get their own climate control which my kids loved you
will be able to get a third child seat across here I did it with two boosters
and a baby capsule it will be touched but it will fit and the boot is great
this week I was able to fit in two children’s bikes and my kids are six and
eight now so they’re not tiny bikes anymore you’ll also be able to fit in a
double pram in here and have plenty of room around it for groceries and school
bags [Music]
driving in the volkswagen passat is a really smooth driving experience you can
barely hear any noise and you don’t even really notice the bumps as you’re
driving over them it’s got a 2 liter engine which means you get up hills
really quickly and it’s still quite an agile car to drive as opposed to an SUV
so you can really move in and out of traffic easily fuel consumption is
acclaimed at 6.6 liters per 100 KS and it takes 95 unleaded fuel parking is
good as long as you accommodate for the length of the car and remember that it
is a wagon it has a really clear reverse parking camera to help you out and it
also has Park Assist so it will park the car for you the safety is comprehensive
with blind spot monitoring lane change assist rear cross traffic alert auto
emergency braking and adaptive cruise control as far as airbags go you get all
the usuals so airbags to come a driver and front-passenger plus side curtain
airbags that extend to the back row and you also get side airbags for the back
which is something I really appreciated having children
for technology there is Android auto and a wireless apple carplay which means you
don’t even have to plug your phone in for it to work it will connect instantly
via bluetooth and you can access your maps for navigation and streaming apps
to listen to music and podcasts there’s no regular USB port in this car instead
it has a USB C port so if you don’t have one of those you will have to get an
adapter this USB C port is actually quicker to plug in if that’s any bonus I
really enjoy driving the volkswagen passat business this week it had loads
of interior space for my family of four and the boot was huge it drives
beautifully and it’s stylish as well I gave it a family rating of 8.1 out of 10
and my kids gave it an 8 they loved having their own climate control
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