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as part of an effort to provide our customers with more information about
what happens with their vehicles, we’ve improved the vehicle
health report feature. As a matter of fact, in addition to being
able to view a vehicle health report on the Ford Owner’s Site, you can also have certain information
about your vehicle sent directly to your personal email address to help
resolve certain issues that may arise. Let me explain. To set up and receive a vehicle
health report via your email, you’ll first need to login
to your owner account. If you’ve not logged in before,
you’ll need to register. Just your name, email address, ZIP code, your vehicle identification number or
VIN and your mobile phone number. Once you’ve logged in, click on
the Service and Maintenance tab to set up reports, then Vehicle Health Report and
click Manage Notifications. Then you may need to scroll down the page
and select Email a detailed summary. Finally, click Save. Now, you’re ready to
receive email updates. You can also select to have a text message
notification sent to you when your vehicle health report is ready to be viewed. Likewise, you can choose
to be notified by text whenever there is an urgent
issue with your vehicle. Once you’ve saved your setting and agreed to terms,
you’ll receive a text message to confirm. Reply yes, and you’re all set. You can always opt out at any time. If you would like to run
a vehicle health report, first, be sure your phone is paired. Then from the home screen press settings, it’s the one that looks like gears,
Vehicle, and then Vehicle Health Report. For more convenience, you can also set
it up to send you automatic reminders to prompt you to run a report by pressing on,
and then choose whether you want to be reminded every 5,000,
7,500, or 10,000 miles. You can opt out at any time by
turning automatic reminders off. To run a report,
press Run Vehicle Health Report Now. You’ll then get a running
report confirmation message. The vehicle must’ve been running for
at least a minute before running a report. Once it’s finished running the report,
you’ll receive a text message letting you know that you can now
view it in your email. If there is a problem, you can access dealer information
from your email to scheduled service. Keep in mind you can also run a Vehicle
Health Report using voice commands. Just use the voice button
on your steering wheel and say Vehicle Health, it’s that simple. One more thing, before you can
run a Vehicle Health Report, you must ensure nothing is plugged
into the on-board diagnostic port, as this can interfere with the system. Any questions? Go to [MUSIC]