Vehicle Radar Test System | Konrad Technologies

Hello, we are in the electronica. I’d like
to explain our radar target simulator demo. So as you can see we have a target
simulator here we call we VRTS. It’s based on the NI PXI system and here are two
antennas. We have the RX and TX antenna here to measure from the radar
sensors and transmit the radar with the manipulate signal. From this TX
antenna, we can generate the target to the radar sensors. And then here we have
the radar sensors that you want to test is the target DUT. It’s from the one of
the manufacturer and this sensor can detect the target as real from our
target simulator so generation signals And we move the horizontal way
to make a coding scenario and scenario. With this we call this motion
system you can manipulate the scenario with target moving with the horizontal
way and also elevation we are support with the motion system and we can
generate a scenario with our simulation tools. You can create a target scenario
from here to here, to here, to here and very easily create the target. Here is
your car and your target moving this way and then save and we are running the
scenario through our interface to and this is our measured data from
the sensors so you can see the how sensors detect the target so there are
many noise we thought, for the real noise so when I block the system okay as you can
see the radar can detect a target you can see a very stable target from
sensors so with our target simulator you can test your radar system with proper
way with some functions testing and antenna pattern testing, also you
can know better.