Using This for Car Repair will Save You Major Headaches – Hose Clamp

rev up your engines, today I’m going to show
you how you can work on your car without making a mess, using these fluid line
clamps, a simple idea and it doesn’t cost much, now when you’re working on your car
you got to take hoses off, fluid is going to leak all over the place, unless you clamp
them off, say your working on a cooling system, you got to take off the hose to
get to the radiator, you can clamp it off so coolant won’t leak everywhere, check
it out, it just goes over, and you tighten it up, and when you’re done tighten it up,
it squeezes the hose so fluid isn’t going to leak all over the place, so now
when you take the hose off, you don’t get coolant dripping all over the place, now
sure you get a couple of trips coming out, but you’re not going to empty half the
system up and make a giant mess, makes a job a lot neater and cleaner, then when
you’re done with the job, you just loosen it up, slide it off and good as new, now let’s say
you’re working on your brake system and maybe you got to change out the caliper,
before you unbolt anything clamp the rubber brake hose line, you just used
a small clamp for that, then when you take everything apart especially if
you’re putting in a new caliper on, the fluid won’t leak out and get air in the
system, and I’m modern cars that’s a big deal, because if you get air in a car
that has anti-lock brakes, and most cars have anti-lock brakes, you can’t bleed
the air out of those systems without a factory level scan tool, now being a
mechanic, I have these tools but they cost a lot of money,
they’re pretty complex to figure out how to use them, and if you don’t have to use
one don’t, you can just clamp the brake line, air won’t go back up in the system
and you don’t have to worry about bleeding the ABS system, this tiny little clamp
can save you from all that hassle, when you’re done, off it comes, now this kit
comes with four different size clamps, so it’ll fit just about any hose it’s on
your car, to keep fluids from leaking when you’re working on it, it fits on
power steering hoses, and fuel line hoses, now if they could only figure out hose I can use to clamp on my head to keep all the sweat from coming
down in the hot Texas Sun, really these clamps sets are great,
I even used them on my house, when I had a problem with a washing machine, rather
than have to turn the water off to the house and get air in the system,
I just clamped off the rubber line going to it, then I don’t have to worry about water
pressure anymore, hey works for all kinds of stuff wherever you want to clamp a
line down to keep fluids from leaking out, and if you’re like me and work by
yourself, these clamps are fantastic they’re much better than a helper they
don’t talk back, they hold their position indefinitely, and they really work, and
since this is mechanic Monday, I’m giving away a set of these clamps, to have a
chance to win, place a clean non-offensive comment on the youtube
comments below, and the winner will be chosen randomly by a computer, so if you
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