Understand the Requirements When Selling a Vehicle Privately

Individuals who are selling a motor vehicle
to another individual are required to report that sale to the DMV within 30 days of the
sale. We want to be sure that all Wisconsinites
understand that this requirement only applies to individual sales. It does not apply to
sales for businesses or from motor vehicle dealerships, just private sales between two
individuals. So for example if you put your privately owned
vehicle for sale on Craigslist and an individual purchases that vehicle from you, you will
be required to report that sale to the DMV. DMV has developed a web application called
Seller Notify that allows individuals who are selling vehicles to report that sale to
the DMV through the web from their personal computer or their own mobile device.
Seller Notify is very simple. There are three easy steps.
You have to identify yourself as the seller, the vehicle that you’re selling, and the individual
who you’re selling it to. Seller Notify joins our entire suite of online
services that allow customers to skip the trip and do DMV business from the comfort
of their own home on their own devices.