Una Ferrari Enzo in CARBONIO A VISTA?! 😲

Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino and today I wanna show you a unique Ferrari Enzo! What’s in front of me is a unique Enzo and for me it’s just incredible to see it, now I’m gonna tell you the story behind this car. To be honest, this is not the first time I see this carbon Ferrari Enzo because I got to see it a long time ago but I was denied to film. Where did I saw it? At Carrozzeria Zanasi in Maranello! Probably the major enthusiasts know Zanasi because it’s the workshop that create special paints and liveries for Ferrari! This car was born as a painted Ferrari Enzo then it was brought to Zanasi who did a complete conversion by replacing all the panels with bare carbon fibre! Also the interior is custom, sadly there’s a film on the window so you don’t see that much but the interior is all red. Also the wheels are made in carbon and the result is simply astonishing, also the quality of the carbon, the built quality are really nicely done. Watching an Enzo live is quite something but stumblin upon an Enzo specc’ed like this, it’s simply incredible! Here we may notice more details of the interior because all that carbon is red, magnificent! Another treat of this Enzo, if we get closer we may notice the exhaust ain’t stock, it’s been fitted a Fuchs exhaust that makes this V12 sound properly! The interesting thing is when I got to see it for my first time, this car was secret and on the internet there were only a few pics, all taken in Maranello. Probably the first owner bought it, converted it and never used it. As you see now the car is on briths plate since its arrival in UK, it’s been used regularly which is a positive thing. Let’s stop the talking and now pump up the volume! I’m very curious to hear your feedback, do you like the Enzo specc’ed like this? Make sure to Like the video if you enjoy it, subscribe to my YouTube if you haven’t yet and as always thanks for watching, ciao!