UM-Dearborn MSE in Manufacturing Systems Engineering

The goals of the program is to prepare engineers to pursue careers in manufacturing and these careers can vary from manufacturing process related careers to manufacturing existence to quality, but anything related to manufacturing. The uniqueness of the program is that it is a program that lends manufacturing, design, quality control; these core courses provide the breadth for any engineer who wants to pursue a degree as a manufacturing engineer or specialization as a manufacturing engineer. What originally interested me in the manufacturing systems engineering program here is, I really didn’t get a full understanding of the “how” related to manufacturing so after doing undergrad I realized that it was really important for me to understand not only what is making up materials that we’re using every day but also how we’re making them and the challenges involved in that. The whole course of structure is to gives you a whole holistic view of the subject, it gives you its industrial value and helps you later on. The instructors here have a very open-minded and very helping personality. Classes tend to be small in size about 30 students at most, the faculty teaching courses in the program are two types, we have the full-time faculty working in the college and they are the manufacturing faculty who are doing research in the area of manufacturing engineering we also have the part-time faculty who are qualified engineering practitioners who work in industry and actually teach courses in the field in areas specialization. I’ve also been very pleased with the fact that I can take online courses there have been cases where I knew that I wouldn’t be able to make the actual evening class and it’s really nice to take the online courses because you can go back and replay the lectures and it doesn’t take away from the experience because the professors are very available to you outside of the actual class. UM-Dearborn geographically is located in such a position that you get all the industry around you automotive manufacturing, Ford is next to you. 3 big OEMs they send a lot of projects to our University. I’ve had students where they work in industry they brought in an industrial based project and we guided them in one of my classes that acquires the course project where they did something for their own work and applied what they learned in the class to cover what they need for the job. The ideal student for enrolling in the manufacturing systems engineering program would be someone who’s looking to really dive deep into manufacturing into how things are made into kind of the nitty-gritty of manufacturing business I also think this program is really diverse you’re not only learning the technical skills needed to understand manufacturing processes but you’re also learning the soft skills around how to plan, how do you budget and how do you execute the whole job