TYC Factory Replacement Headlight Review

Hey everyone! Greg here from CARiD.com here to talk to you
about OEM replacement headlights. Now there are a lot of different reasons why
you would consider replacing your factory headlights in your own vehicle. They may have been damaged in an accident,
don’t seem to function as they used to, or maybe your headlights have severe headlight
oxidation making it almost impossible to see at night, plus it certainly doesn’t make
your car look any better. TYC is a company that offers a large array
of OEM replacement headlights, from Japanese and domestic vehicles to even European brands. The headlight we have here is a direct OEM
replacement for a 1994 to 1997 Honda Accord. All of the headlights from TYC are designed
off the original manufacturer specifications and are NSF and CAPA certified, they are a
direct bolt on fit with no modifications needed. As you can see from this Honda light the fit
and finish is impeccable and you can expect this high standard of quality with all of
TYC’s headlights. So why buy TYC instead of directly from the
auto manufacturer? It’s simple really, you’re getting the
same quality part as if you bought it from the manufacturer with a reduced cost. Why spend more money for the same product
when you can spend less for the same quality, fit and finish. Well that’s it for my review on TYC factory
replacement headlights. You can find this product and everything else
for your automotive needs on CARiD.com. I’m Greg and I look forward to seeing you
next time for more product reviews, and installation videos.