Two controllers and Dual motors | bitDad Electric scooter build Part 3

Hi guys, today I will show you how to connect two hub motors for diy eletric scooter or ebike, motorcycle using dual, tripple or more motors I have two hub motors took from an old hoverboard and two brushless dc motor controllers here throttle 36v/48v 350w brushless drive motor controller a 36v battery pack I made from previous video, you can find on my channel This is the same controller as the one, only different from the time of launch, not care about it I am already connected 3 wires from throttle to controller You only care 3 wires: green, red and black red is 5v+, black is negative and green is signal 3 wires yellow, blue and green are 3 phase connect to motor 5 hall sensor wire, I removed them from the connector because they were not the same standards with the motor there is a power wire, i am already solder with Xt60 connector I only talk about the main wires, the other wires will depend on the controller manufacturer and the same controller I will start connect all together done !! hall wires from controller to hall wires motor 3 phase wire to 3 phase wire, corrected color to each motor Use the same power source so I will connect the power wire of two controllers together Get the green wire from the 1st controller Connect to the green wire of 2nd controller (a signal wire) we’ve done here let’s testing connect to battery pack It’s work fine and running in the opposite direction Now I will keep testing and show you how to reverse rotation of the motor The left engine has tires so it is heavier and more inertial you can see a white wire here two of them with connector in each controller connect them together and wait for a while then remove Now, two hub motor turned in the same direction the 2nd motor have problem with bearing so it’s very noise One more thing I want to tell you, this controller have black and yellow wire It’s will reverse rotation of the motor if connect them together but not full speed, It’s similar to a car’s reverse gear For who want to DIY a ATV or 3,4 wheels vehicle thanks for watching and don’t for get to lịke, share and subscribe to my channel !