Tucci Hot Rods: 3D printing final custom car parts – Ultimaker: 3D Printing Story

A lot of the stuff that we build is custom,
so we need to make it from scratch With the Ultimaker, we’ve been able to triple the speed of
making parts and cut the costs by ten times You think of 3D printing at first as just a prototyping tool,
but it’s an end-use process for us My name is Dom Tucci, I’m a designer
at Tucci Hot Rods We’re in the custom car building field. Custom car
building starts out with hot rodding Hot rodding used to be a thing where people would
modify their cars to make them faster or lower or drag race quicker Custom car building comes in
where people want professionals to do it The Ford Project Vehicle Program is a thing for
the SEMA show in Las Vegas It’s the biggest aftermarket car parts show in the world You basically send in a proposal
and the overall theme of the car The guy who was running the Project Vehicle
Program called us back and said: “I got a Fiesta, if you want to do it” and we said “Yeah, we’re definitely going to do it!” We got the Ultimaker in during the Fiesta project I opened up the box, put it on my desk, ran one test print
and started printing out parts for the car I probably printed around 30 or 40 things
with the Ultimaker, throughout the whole process Whether that was little mock-up pieces or final pieces We did the headlights, the fender vents,
the hood vents, the dash piece the upper pieces that cap off the top of the dash We did the rear taillight section Anything that I can think of to try and print, I printed To be able to make these pieces, we would’ve had to
CNC them out of a block of ABS or some sort of plastic The time on that, we’d have to figure out fixturing and send it to a machine shop that would be able
to do it, they’d have to fit it in their schedule To have the printer and to be able to print out multiples
of it and then use it as the end-use product has been so great for us Most of these cars take six months to a year and to get it down into just 2 months –
we were pretty happy about that The Ultimaker is pretty much
a staple tool in the show now and we’re going to use it any way possible
on every future car that we work on