TU Delft – Dreamteam Formula Student Team Delft

My name is Efraïm Eland I’m a fifth year Bachelor student in
Electrical Engeneering and I’m part of the Formula Student Team Delft. At Formula Student Team Delft we build
electric Formula Student racecars. The team consists of around 70 parttime
members and 10 full time core team members. The team started building Formula Student
racecars in 2001 and we are currently building the 16th electric Formula
Student racecar. We compete in the Formula Student
competition and our goal is to win all of the Formula Student competitions we
attend. At Formula Student Team Delft I was Chief
Electronics last year. As a Chief Electronics I was responsible
for all of the electronics, hardware and software. The Electronics Department constisted
of a main control unit, sensors, data acquisition and all of the safety systems. In the Electronics Department I was super-
vising around 10 engineers, most of them were hardware and software engineers. To design all of the components
I had to do a lot of research myself but my studies also helped me to
solve a lot of electrical problems. My name is Gert Spek, I’m a fourth year
Computer Science Bachelor student and last year I worked at Formula Student
Team Delft. The Formula Student competition is an
international design competition at which universities from all over the world compete
events. An event does not only consist of a dynamic part in which you race your
vehicle to prove it’s the fastest, but also a design aspect in which you
have to defend the racecar you build and why the elements that you
chose are actually the fastest. Last year at the Formula Student
Team Delft I wrote the software for the main control
unit. That means taking the data from all sensors, computing how much power
needs to go each motor and beside that log all things happening on the car so
you can analyze that after the race. My studies actually helped me to understand
the basic programming principles and how to apply this to every
kind of system. So this system which might look entirely different from
a business system uses the same principles of software design which I learned
at my studies.