TSA on the Job: Lead Transportation Security Officer

As the Lead Transportation Security Officer, I identified, distribute and balance workloads and tasks among members of my team. Lead officers assist management in supervising security checkpoints and serve and coach and mentors to officers. Two stripes means that I’m a Lead Transportation Security Officer. Qualities that are most pertinent to my position will be critical thinking. It’s a constant rush every day. Got to be quick on your feet and be able to move the passages in and make sure there’s no prohibited items or threats are making it through the line. Coaching and mentoring, I would say, is very important to future LTSOs. What built my confidence was supervisors and managers letting me know that you are capable, you can do it. My goal is to help mold future lead officers to be great leaders one day. After the debriefing, you are going to be in charge. This is everybody that you have in place. Already did the 9:00 rotations, I’ll be back before 9:30. Please send your part-time officers over to the debriefing area. Anyone have any questions, comments or concerns? The busyness is the most challenging part of their my job. I’m here at least by 2:25 a.m. If you happen to see Robert coming out of the break room please have him tap you out and you’re going to be the female on the floor for Precheck. The trust that instilled in me to protect the airway, the fact that I know that this job really means something. You’re going to take off your jacket and put your jacket in the machine as well. My day-to-day responsibility as a lead is to make sure that my team is well staffed, everyone is in position, the passengers are getting through. What inspires me to work every day is making sure that everyone gets to their destination safely, Making sure that nothing happens on my watch. My name is Pamela Freeman, and I’m the Lead Transportation Security Officer at JFK in Jamaican, New York.