Transportation crisis in Cuba worsens

The transportation crisis in Cuba gets
worse and worse every day, all over the Island. Citizens complain about the lack of
transportation in Havana and the high prices they have to pay to
travel in a Cuba bus. This report comes from…
Desde Adentro. Traveling from one city to another is a huge problem
for Cuban citizens. The Castro regime does not guarantee trains in Cuba or any public transportation in Cuba for the
country’s more than 11 million inhabitants, complaining that the “neighbor from the North” maintains an iron-grip embargo against the Island, which inhibits travel. So how do you travel from
one place to another? -Like this: We stand on Highway 8 and wait for cars to pass… -We’re at their mercy that some will pass. If a private transport van goes by over there… or one goes toward the East, we pay them 20, 30, 40 or 50 pesos to get up to the bridge. -You cannot get to La Cumbre from here because
there is no transportation. -Nothing… except at 7:45 in the morning. -It is dangerous, but what are we going to do?
We cannot live in La Cumbre. -I grab a car there in Havana. I
have 50 pesos in my hand for the fare, -and I save my money. Those 50 pesos ensure my travel. -Some stop here or over there because-
See…? There are no cars that go by. -So, from La Cogolla, I pick up a B.C.
and arrive here at the first stop -and from here, I take whatever goes by. -I see this as faster than going to La Cumbre to take a private van and waiting. -Sometimes it does not go by, right?
So whenever I can, I hitch-hike. -There are times that a State van or whoever comes and they stop… -and I pay what they ask me to. -To get here, by Highway 8,
I have to pay 50 pesos, -and sometimes the vans pass by
empty and do not pick up anyone! -I arrive faster by riding in the State’s yellow
vehicles than -by normal transportation. There is never anything that can get you to San Jose. -There is nothing. But, there is a State vehicle. -Is it more expensive around here?
Cheaper, faster, how does it work? -I would not be able to tell you because
I have never had to pay for a car; understand me? -I always take the yellow State vehicles, Ah? The yellow State vehicles? You
just put out your finger, and you go. Put out your finger, and go!