Transportation Careers at Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service is a fast-growing, family-owned, dynamic company serving
numerous customers throughout Canada. Thank you for your interest in becoming
a part of the GFS family. At Gordon Food Service, we offer a
competitive salary, great benefits, and a fun, high-energy
work environment. But we feel, more than anything, it’s the people that
separates us from the rest of the crowd. “The people I work with at GFS are great as well. I get along with everybody, everybody
gets along with each other, and it’s just one big happy family, I would say.” “The people here at GFS are amazing. As far as my
coworkers go, the people in the Transportation department that I work with
on a daily basis, exceptional group of guys. I’d say at the tops in the industry.” Founded over 100 years ago, Gordon Food
Service started delivering butter and eggs by horse and buggy in
the Midwest, United States. Since those humble beginnings, and
through dedication and hard work, GFS has grown into the largest family-owned foodservice distributor in North America, including multiple facilities across
Canada. At the distribution centre there are
3 main jobs that make up the majority of our workforce: selectors, loaders, and receiving
specialists. Once the product is loaded on the trucks,
our delivery service reps takeover bringing the products to our customers.
In order to serve our customers, we operate 24 hours a day. Most functions
have shifts that run throughout the entire day and night. “It’s all about customer service right, we are there to satisfy the customer, provide accurate timings and deliver the product accurately and that’s what keeps the customers happy.” GFS Delivery Service Reps face all the hazards associated with driving:
varying terrain, inclement weather, and heavy traffic are
just a few of the challenges you will be required to deal with. In
addition to driving, the other main function of a Delivery
Service Rep is the delivery of product. Many of our customers require our trucks to navigate in tight spaces
and delivery can occur when the restaurant is closed,
or when they are open and busy. Accuracy and speed are very important when
delivering. It is very likely, that on any given day,
you’ll be delivering 15 to 18 thousand kilos of product.
“A typical day in my job, begins probably around 4 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. and usually lasts for anywhere from 8 to 12 hours depending on the route and consists of delivering food to various customers and completing your route on time.” You will have anywhere between 10 to 15, 18 stops during a day. Once you’re at your destination you know, it’s a lot of a working after that. You’re basically up and down the ramp for most of the day, and then
driving back to GFS at the end of the day.” Once you leave the distribution centre, you are the representative of Gordon Food Service to the customer. When you’re delivering product, and
dealing with the customer, the utmost professionalism is required.
Because the majority of our customers have very little face time with the
Sales Representative, our drivers oftentimes are the most
frequent human contact they have with GFS. They must look and act professional. A
positive attitude, great customer service skills, and clean
uniform are absolute necessities. “What we do to keep the customer happy,
we’re not only the last line for the product getting to the customer,
but also we are the only part that the customer really sees.
A lot of it can be on the phone when they’re ordering, or on the internet. But at the end of the day, it’s usually the driver interaction,
maybe the salespeople little bit, but mostly the driver, who they see twice a
week or three times a week. So you do develop that relationship with
your customers.” Gordon food service is a diverse,
family-owned company which strives to treat our customers in
an exceptional manner. We understand that to accomplish this goal, we also need to treat our team members
exceptionally well. As part of our commitment to our team
members, we do offer a great compensation package
including competitive wages, exceptional benefits,
generous vacation, and excellent retirement plans. We’re proud
that you’ve chosen us as a possible career. The work is hard and rewarding. The hours can be long, but
they can also be enjoyable. “GFS rewards us for a job well done through top pay in the industry and also various incentives on top of our wage.” “You end up more than just a job out of it. You do get a bit of a lifestyle out of
it too and you do meet a lot of good people that you service every day.” We firmly believe that hard work and high-performance
should be rewarded and we hope that this is more than a good
job. We hope it becomes a great career!