Transport Systems at Cranfield University

I think one of the reasons people come
to cranfield is because they want to see science and engineering applied in a
real-world sense. They want to practise what we’re talking about here – they don’t
want to sit in a lecture and hear about it, they want to get up close to it. So if
we’re talking about aviation they want to get involved with real aeroplanes,
we’re talking about motor sport they want to get close to a Formula One car and
just get involved and I think that’s a really important part of their learning. I came to an open day at Cranfield University. Within five minutes of walking through the door I knew I had to be there I couldn’t study anywhere else. It brings together quite a variation of people so you’ve got people are working
within engineering or within the industry itself. Hearing those stories
really feeds your passion. the opportunity we’ve got is to take all of the knowledge of all the different themes here; whether it’s colleagues working in
supply chain and logistics across in the School of Management or people working
on the defence side and bring all that knowledge together to solve problems
that the UK Government and governments around the world are really trying to
tackle. That’s a really exciting part of being at Cranfield. Innovation is key to staying in front. If you’re not constantly innovating and
constantly trying to be better than the other team you will fall to back the
grid. I think in particular in the last two years Cranfield has really raised
its ambition, there’s a real vibe about the place it’s a very exciting time to
be here. Cranfield has a very good connection with industry. They always insist in – OK we’re doing theory, but we are connecting to industry and they
always show you that what we are learning here is actually useful
afterwards in industry. I think that we have a virtuous circle with industry that they trust us to deliver good research and because of that we’re then
able to attract good staff and good students who can deliver that research.
One of our exciting developments is working with a number of industry
partners we work quite closely with a range of motor manufacturers including
for example Jaguar Land Rover looking at hybrid and battery technologies and
trying to put those technologies onto cars My area of research is the energy management, which basically means when do I use the engine and when the way is the
motor. That’s my dream – I will actually go into one vehicle one day and I will
improve the consumption. One of our collaborations is working
with the air rail and marine accident investigation branches of the Department
for Transport to train and develop their staff but also it’s helped us to develop
a master’s in safety and accident investigation, which is a unique
proposition that’s available to people across
the world. And we’ve got things like the accident investigation laboratory where
people can get hands-on with wreckage from real accidents, there are many other
facilities like that, including our own airport and we operate from that with
our own air line. And the national flying laboratory so we can take students on
amazing experience-flying but we can also conduct research on our own
aircraft fleet. They come here knowing they get that experience and that their
research findings are going directly into industry. I couldn’t be here without
Cranfield University and the support that they’ve given me. It’s not a job, it’s a
passion, it’s a lifestyle.