Tractor parts and it’s functions | Powertrac Euro 50

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what are the parts of a tractor and this is the Escorts limited escorts who
designed this tractor and this model name is a Escorts Powertrac Euro 50 and
the first one this is the bumper and This is the bonnet and it the exhaust pipe or silencer
this is the steering and these are the fenders coming to engine this is the
Air pre cleaner, without this air pre-cleaner the tractor will not work because, Let us See…. let me say this is the oil bath take off
air filter here this is here the oil will be stored inside the some okay
first to the air will enters upon here and Italy and it will be supplied to
engine intake manifold this is a diesel engine in which the air under diesel or
entered into the engine by a different ways and we call this and we call this
engine is also a arranged-marriage engine because an inlet manifold only
air will be entered and then a fuel will be injected through a fuel injectors
this is the fuel tanker and the distractor has a 60 liters of fuel tank
capacity these are the fuel injector so three a fuel injectors for three
cylinders and and this is a four-stroke engine a which means the engine which
completes a suction compression combustion expansion and exhaust we know
four strokes or two complete revolutions that is that is the four-stroke engine
this is the lubrication for four-stroke engines this is the sump tank for
lubrication this is the splash type of lubrication but in two-stroke engines so
we we are we can observe there is a missed lubrication because this if if it
is a four-stroke engine then we will definitely arrange this type of
lubrication it will improve the engine performance that means it is a three
cylinder engine on the firing order for three cylinder engine is first 2 1 is 1
3 2 for example it is a 4 cylinder engine then there are 4 for fuel
injectors 1 no fuel injector will be added and the firing order for 4
cylinder engine is 1 4 3 2 in that same way 5 3 6 2 4 same way if it is 8
cylinder engine now the firing order for 8 cylinder engine is 6 2 5 8 7 3 4
coming to exhaust this is the engine and this is the main exhaust manifold in
which all the exhaust because of 3 cylinders are entered into this manifold
1 cylinder second cylinder and throught cylinder and this is the coupling wind a
bit and this is the small part if you see there is between a flanger and the
flames use it to join this pin and this exhaust pipe or simply called as
silencer and these two parts are joined by flames you would help off voltage
joints and there is a there is a radiator lower header this is the self
motor dynamo this is you can see there is a
fan it is your for circulation system this is the water-cooled engine because
it is a diesel and this is the hydraulic filter which
is used for high hydraulics in agriculture field or toilets this is the battery without electrical
no automobile will starch or Waukesha’s plays a major role in hectare working here it is the main part here there is a
thermostat wall the type off for coming to fuel supply system a TCA CRDi system
which means a common rail diesel injection first generally although fuel
supply to three cylinders so if the fuel will be wasted this is the another
fellow for the vegetative wasted wheel will enter so their fuel tank by this
pipe Oh see this it is connected to the fuel tank this is the fuel tank and
coming to generally a classy use for the engagement or disengagement of gates and one first gear is the base in tears does
not have any brakes so only rear price the extreme laughs a1 is this is the
steering mechanism this is the mechanical scaling this is it it is a
common steering mechanism because the connectors are placed above the wheels a
body main about the main board these are the hydraulics of tractor which are
easily in rotation cultivator and in heavy cracks you see there are two gear
lever so there is prescriptive don’t you try and reduce you may very high speed
to a ports which we will tackle most yes rose you’d like it out I sit to motion
trackers a proto is more on a rabbit mode and Rotter eyes more there are
there are four gates God it means that racket will move very slowly and that
Tata is Gary is usually during the field works and the rabbit ear is use it in
and the rabbit gary is used in transportation we start the thing types
of phase may be 10.00 into sixteen and these are details
all for 13.00 into complete this is the driver seat is DCT will be
adjusted only up and down direction but not the 4-ways wop put down on the front
and back does it will be adjusted and this is the kitchen for the attachment
of trucks here it is joined to the tractor will be attached it for the
trailer and this is the two mini trucks this is specially designed for our
agriculture purpose this is the safety small bottle fire attraction during
rainy season