Toyota Service Director, Mid-level Automotive Technician, T-TEN Grad and ASE certified

I really like what I’m doing. I have to use my head a lot
and I really like that. But yet I use my hands
a lot and I really, really like that. Yeah, it’s very cool. I’ve worked here four years. It’s a very steady job. There’s always work. There’s a million Toyota’s out
there that need to be fixed. We don’t specialize here at
Toyota like the American manufacturers do. You work on a car bumper
to bumper. You do everything from
transmissions to tune-ups to electrical diagnosis. You’re well rounded as
a Toyota technician. Customer wants to know
if replace bulbs. There’s no notations on that. OK, which bulbs were they? It’d be on the rears. It’s something new every day. Something challenging
all the time. There’s new product coming
out every year. To be a good technician you have
to be willing to learn new things. And try different things that
you’ve never done before. Because you’re going
to run into that almost on a daily basis. Diagnosing a problem on a
vehicle is the hardest. You have to really understand how
a car works in order for you to diagnose the problem. I’m challenged every
day by that. It’s a different problem or
different situation every day. Luckily Toyota– as a technician you
work on a team. And generally a team of
four technicians. The master technician, the B
technician, the C and the D technician. So if you ever really have
a problem you just ask your team leader. It’s really nice for the
training technician, because he can train on the job. The master tech would be there
for support also for diagnosing problems that
you can’t diagnose. And then for questions. If you have a question on
something, if you need help with a certain whatever you’re
doing he’s there to help you. I’m changing the timing
belt on this car. We normally recommend them
at 60,000 miles. As a technician that I’ve made
more money than I ever thought I would make. I make a real decent living. There’s all kinds of incentives
to achieve, to get all your ASE certificates,
to get all the classes. It just means more money
in your pocket. It’s real important to fix cars
right the first time. I take pride in what I do. You don’t want people coming
back complaining the same problem they came
for originally. It’s just a great career. I like it.