Toyota Service Director- Finds his Automotive Tech Job Exciting, Something New Everyday.

Dale Snow. I’ve been a service director
with Toyota for 23 years. I was 21 years old when I became
a service manager. And it’s an exciting job and
it changes every day. So basically you’re doing
an express lube and then recommending four tires on it? An alignment. Do you do a complete
inspection on it while it’s here? OK. Breaks, things like that. OK. I’ll come in in the morning and
go through the shop, greet the technicians, make sure all
the associates are getting ready to go for the
day’s work. I’ll go into my office. Do some financial analysis,
where we are month to date. The financial assessment of the operation’s pretty critical. My primary responsibility is
to return a profit to the dealer principal through
customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. So I spend a lot of time
observing associate’s behavior as well as the financial
performance of the dealership. The skills for this particular
position are kind of unique. It’s a people business
so personality plays a big role in it. And you really want to
be enthusiastic. And you really need to
be a problem solver. It’s not necessarily a
college degree type position to get into. But you need to be very customer
sensitive and you need to be able to get out
there and work through problems and have a
positive result. Yeah, well let me get you a
labor quote on that thing. Thank you. You bet. Customer satisfaction
in our businesses is priority number one. So you really need be attentive
to those clients. Mr. Hogan’s vehicle, he has a
40,000 mile service, but he also had a warranty concern
on his breaks? Yes, we’ve have already
taken care of that. Did you take care of that? It’s perfect, he’s
ready to go. OK, he’s waiting in
a waiting room. I’ll bring it right in. Thank you. Thank you. We take in about 100 to
125 vehicles a day. About 80% of them are
by appointments. So again, we’re addressing their
concerns whether they be a warranty or just routine
maintenance. My job over the last 21 years
has really changed dramatically, Especially in
the technology arena. These cars are extremely
complicated and training has become a critical
issue for us. Also for the front line
personnel as well as technicians. And also customers have become
a lot more demanding. With internet the way it is
nowadays they’re much better, they’re much more informed
consumers. And you really need to be
on top of your game. This particular tool that Karl’s
working on provides us the latest in diagnostics of
all the computer control systems on the vehicles today. I would say the golden moments
in this career have been a lot of traveling with Toyota. Had an opportunity to the
Bahamas, been to Alaska, been to Hawaii on the incentive
trips along with my wife. Other golden the moments are
really watching the young people grow. I’ll meet them when they’re
engaged and they’ll get married and buy a home. And next thing you know they’re
having children and hiring people and nurturing
people, mentoring people. Building a department. Building a successful team
is a extremely rewarding. My career path was
law enforcement. And I decided at that time
that that wasn’t for me. It was a pretty negative
environment. And I had an opportunity to
work at a car dealership. And from then on it
was my pleasure.