Toyota Master Automotive Technician, Shop Forman and T-TEN graduate

My name is Jeff Anderson
I work here at Toyota of El Cajon. I’ve been here in excess
of 15 years. I’m the shop foreman, the
lead master tech, as well as a team leader. Going through school through
the T-TEN program really helped me progress through my
career, because it really taught me how to learn in
a progressive manner. And they gave me a lot of
the base features of my job right now. It taught me a lot of technical
skills, it taught me how to deal with customers, it
also taught me how to interact with other professionals
in the industry in a professional way. Is that mount OK back there? You see any cracking on it? Being in a dealership, it’s the
cream of the crop, the top level you can get to in the
automotive industry. And to go through a program that
allows you actually to interact with a dealership and
earn a spot at a dealership after that program’s over,
you’re already going to be earning top level pay for your
particular area of expertise. By the time I was 23, I was
already an ASE master technician and expert level
technician through Toyota. How you doing, buddy? I’m Jeff Anderson,
shop foreman. Nice seeing you today. Thanks for coming to see us. I think definitely going through
the T-TEN program now, versus maybe some of the other
manufactures, there is more opportunity, just because
Toyota’s such a large, growing company. And we’re going to different
avenues such as plug-in Prius vehicles and such, that
definitely coming through our program I think you’re going to
have a greater opportunity to grow, just because of the
interaction Toyota has with our students, both in the T-TEN
program and out of the T-TEN program. They’re very dedicated to
teaching, instructing, and growing the people who are
working inside the company. I love my job. I’m excited to come to work
every single day. I’m mainly involved with running
a team and interacting with our customers and trying
to solve problems for them. So the most exciting part of
my day is when I have a challenging problem with a
customer that they can’t figure out, and maybe someone
else hasn’t been able to figure out, but I can go in
there and dissect it, figure exactly what’s going on with
their vehicle or with their concern, and try to
make them happy. Oh, it’s definitely hands
on all day long. Yeah, being involved with
Toyota right now is an exciting, exciting time
in our lives. There are so many different
technologies that we’ve come out with, with the Prius and the
hybrids and the SmartKey technologies. It seems like Toyota doesn’t
have an end to what they’re able to do for us, and what
that does is it keeps us learning, keeps us involved,
keeps us excited about the new programs that are coming out,
the new products that are coming out. You’re always having new
opportunities, new challenges brought to you every single day,
so no matter if you’re doing the business for one
year, or 10 years, or 30 years, you’re always going to
have those new challenges to learn new things every day. I cleared the code, took it on
a test drive, and there’s no codes reoccurred. The speed sensor’s operating
properly. OK. Even when you get to be a shop
foreman, or a master tech, or master diagnostic tech, you
still go to school every single year. You’re going to go to new model
classes, you’re going to you learn the most updated
classes that Toyota has to offer, as well as all the
e-learning modules that Toyota have. We have a large array of
e-learning modules we go through every single year to
keep our skills up to the correct levels. The opportunities working
at a Toyota dealership is up to you. You can be an entry level
technician, or you can grow into be a shop foreman or
assistant service manager, or the service director. There is no limit to what you
can accomplish in the dealership. The important thing is actually
getting your base roots into that dealership, and
the fastest way to do that is through the T-TEN program. It’s a career path,
not a job path. So if you’re looking for career
path, it’s the way to get into the dealership.