Toyota FT-AC Concept: First Impressions —

the future Toyota adventure concept or
FTA see is the big news from Toyota here at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show it’s
an off-road e SUV with production intentions it seems based on the styling
and kind of conventionality of the overall shape of this car
but there are some interesting accessories well start over here these
lights actually are detachable you can take them with you and kind of shine
them around at the campsite or wherever you’re going you get over to the grill
here a fairly conventional grill even though it’s stacked over a lot of things
going on here reminds us of the grill on the Tacoma Toyota’s midsize pickup truck
get over to the side here lots of off-road cues a big mid oh
grabber tires 20-inch wheels locking front and rear differentials on this
concept plenty of ground clearance this right here these cameras on top of
the side mirrors they’re also detachable they kind of act like GoPros if you want
them around with you lights up here LEDs on the top of the
vehicle they kind of face forward and rearward and you actually control them
with your phone Toyota says a spokesperson also told us that although
there are no door handles you would open the doors with your phone as well so
don’t lose your phone because if you did you’d be kind of hosed then you come
around back and there’s a bike rack here it’s actually a stowable bike rack when
not in use it just kind of slides underneath the car that’s a pretty cool
feature it remains to be seen which if any of these features will make it to
the production car if there is a production car a lot of that depends on
the show response so stay tuned plenty more to come you