Toyota Entry-Level Automotive Technician – Travis Blake is T-TEN Grad

So what are you working
on today, Travis? I’m Travis Blake. I’m a service technician for
Mossy Toyota in San Diego. When I got my first car, my old
truck, I had an old ’88 Toyota pickup that like to break
down a lot, and I got tired of paying someone
to fix it. So I got interested in
working on that. And I wanted more information
once I started working on it. No one could provide
that to me. And then I found out about the
T-TEN program, and I started that, and liked all the information that I was learning. I realized that I could really
do this for a living, make a career out of it. The T-TEN program
that I started was at Miramar College. It’s a local community college
here in San Diego. And they have an internship
program. It’s an actual class that you
work at a dealership and you gain experience. So you’re getting experience in
the dealership, and you’re also learning classroom
instruction, learning the theory behind all of the
automotive principals that are applied in the cars. So you learn theory at night. And then when you’re at work
you’re learning the actual practical application
of the information you learned in class. If you don’t have a job yet it
makes it extremely much more easy to find a job, especially
with Toyota, through the T-TEN program. But if you don’t have a job
and you just want to go to school, you have a wealth of
knowledge that they’ve provide with you, so that when you get
out of school you can have no problem finding a job
after school. After I got out of the T-TEN
program, and I was hired with Toyota, some of my first
duties were doing minor services such as oil changes
and tire rotations. And then once I got put on a
team, I was able to advance and constantly learn more, and
started replacing breaks, and doing more major services,
and things like that. And then I eventually got into
learning how to diagnose problems with customer cars. This is the new, brand new, TIS techstream diagnostic tool. It took the place of our old
scan tool, which was in use for over 10 years. Through the T-TEN program,
through the more advanced classes they have, like
electrical mastery and advanced fuel diagnosis, how
to use more advanced tools like this to connect with the
vehicles, and to connect with the computers and find out
what’s going on electrically, the problems that we
might encounter. Where I stand right now is if
you hand me a Toyota vehicle with a problem there’s a 99.9%
chance that I’ll be able to know what that problem
is and then fix it. What I enjoy most about my job
is taking a car that’s not running right, or that has
a problem– a customer’s complaining about a problem with
their car– figuring out if the problem is something
that we can fix, and then finding out the solution to
that problem and then basically satisfying the
customer, making someone happy with their car again that was
unhappy to begin with, and fixing the car right
the first time. It’s the most satisfying
thing to me. Working on my own car in my
driveway led me to choose this as my career. I haven’t even looked back.