Towards Groupe PSA’s autonomous car: key steps and technologies

From the production of one of the first
petrol cars in the 19th century, to the invention of the connected and
autonomous cars of tomorrow, the history of PSA Group is marked by over
2 centuries of dynamic industrial heritage. We are developing technical solutions that
will make the cars of the future even more intelligent and
autonomous. Some of these technologies are already part
of your daily life : The “Distance Alert” function warns you
when your car is at risk of crashing. The “Active Safety Brake” is activated after
the alert if needed. If you don’t take a break after two hours of driving, the “Driver Alert Warning” is set off. For parking, the Park Assist function is
also available. Between 2018 and 2020, “HANDS OFF” automated functions
will become available : On expressways, you will be able to let
the vehicle adjust its own speed and stay in its lane. If you agree, the car will
overtake automatically. You will be able to regain control of
your vehicle at any moment if needed. After 2020, advanced automated functions
called “EYES OFF” will be available : In busy traffic, your vehicle will be
able to take over driving entirely. You will be able to carry out other
activities in complete safety, while being ready to regain control if
necessary. Parking manoeuvres will be fully automated
from your Smartphone. PSA Group’s prototypes have already
travelled nearly 100.000km at the end
of 2016. The sensor configuration will ensure
total driving safety. Ultra-sound and camera belts on the
bodywork will ensure a 1st 360° safety system. Radars will ensure a 2nd coverage system. At the front of the vehicle, radars,
cameras and lasers will cover a distance of 200 metres. High definition maps will allow precise
GPS vehicle positioning. Secure calculators will make suitable
decisions for adapted driving. Within the vehicle, sensors will check
the driver’s state and ensure that he or she is able to regain control within
the required time. The autonomous vehicle is already a
reality, we are producing it to make your life easier.