Total Car Detail – The Paint Finish HD SPEED

[Music] Thanks for checking out 3D products. I’m
Donald Williams I’m also here with Francisco Mendoza the 2014 SEMA buffing
champion. We’re going to be doing a couple things here. We’ll do a waterless
rinse, a clay pad and we’re going to focus on this really dirty area of this
vehicle and then follow it up with HD Speed an all in one step and Francisco
is going to actually show us how to do this. We’re gonna do the waterless first
get rid of all the dirt lot of skepticism out there about waterless
products and have it scratching the surface. What does this actually do Frank? Frank: What it’s going to do my spray it on the surface it’s gonna encapsulate the dirt and lift it up and I’m gonna catch it with a microfiber You want use two microfiber towels. One microfiber is going to be your dirty towel And one is going to be your clean towel. ok so this is actually going to we’re
going to take it and so some of these like bird droppings we have up here that
would probably want to soak those a little bit more than normal right make sure that they get a little bit wet
so what is doing right now is taking the dirt it’s penetrating through and it’s
lifting it up then we want to take a microfiber towel not terry cloth because
the way that microfiber works is actually grabs and lifts the dirt and
this keeps it from dragging. Wow, Look at all that dirt! You want to go in one direction so you don’t take the dirt. And drag it back over the vehicle. It’s
probably first time this guy wash the car and what years? Frank: Looks like it. Donald: Laughs – you’re going to take
first wipe it down then you take the second step kind of buff it off get all
the residue off and then if you have some of these other spots you can use
the same thing you’d be doing with soap might have to use a little bit of elbow
grease now if the car is this dirty probably going to have to use a polish so yeah
we’re even though we’re not scratching it by rubbing in new dirt we actually do have
to use a little bit of elbow grease to get rid of some of this excess that’s sitting
there on the hood. Takes it up pretty quick Now the idea behind this is, we’re inside
in a garage we don’t have to get out go outside get wet we don’t you have to use water to do it
which helps us be conservative or water conscious and we’re doing a much much
easier job first step you have to do when washing the car is rinse it second off fill the bucket soap it down rinse it again then 4th your either Chamois it or drying it with a towel. That is four steps! he did all those steps in one shot and look
at the shine even though this is a car that definitely needs to be clayed if you hear it here… [Sandpaper sound] Sounds like sandpaper almost and we’re
going to take care of that right now. Now to keep it nice and simple we’re going to use a nano pad on a DA. We won’t have to use any elbow grease what this does is this emulates clay. It
pulls it up removes all the contaminants and we’re going to use waterless. 3D
waterless wash as the lubrication which is great because it has some silicates
in there that help emulsify and and provide a a great lubricant one thing
that’s extremely nice about this these clay pads is if you drop them you just
rinse them off typical clay if you use it you drop it,
your done! that’s it! you’ve got to throw it away, because if it picks up any of
the dirt that’s on the ground, you go back to use it on your paint you’re just
going to scratch it so you can see here there’s a lot of contaminant all coming
up these dark areas here coming up right off it and then you can see that Frank
doesn’t have to use elbow grease and get tired you able to use this on the
machine and get it done real quick real simple real easy and let the machine do
all the work for you all you have to do is just balance the machine that
contaminant there is coming off I can already feel it; feels nice very good now so that’s it huh? [Victory whoop] let’s hear this bad boy let’s go ahead
and wipe it down even more content after it’s been watching everything that was
all contaminants that was that built into the paint so even though when the car is nice and
clean we still got industrial fallout they call it rail dust a lot of people
you got acid rain all that you know that orangy tinge? that’s industrial fallout. That’s basically rust that’s been buried into the paint. Now that thing oooo! Nice and soft!
Frank: The towels not grabbing anymore. So that will actually get rid of overspray If you have to any
contaminants kind of set even light oxidation, overspray and then water
spots as well right? the light water spots ok so now we’re going to move on to this
next step we use HD speed we’re going to use the brand new light purple spider
pad and the dual action polisher and clean this section up now this is an
all-in-one it has abrasives in it to level scratches and to brighten and
polish along with wax. Put it all the way up to the highest speed on this
because we want to get some cutting power because this actually has you can
see it’s got a little bit of a dull finish still. Dual action polishers are by
nature louder than the high speed so it has some noise it’s okay doesn’t mean anything you have
counterweights in there that are allowing the machine to throw a little
bit more so you have two moving parts you have the wheels spinning in one
direction and you have a counterweight moving around so it’s doing this is it’s
going so it’s kind of emulating your hand motion and so are you doing it at a
hundred miles an hour the machine’s going to do for you so your whole job is
just to make sure it’s nice and flat and to go back. You can sit on it
in one spot if you have a tough area and not worry about it burning through the
clear. Now the only way you’ll be able to do that pretty much as if you fall
asleep on it for quite some time this is one of the easiest ways to
detail and especially on these light color cars you’ll be able to get a real
good zing and not really have to pay too much attention to some of those
scratches but you’ll get a hologram free finish a nice finish and get all these
spider webs out if you notice he hasn’t had to reload or use any more product
hasn’t had to take and put more product because the open time on HD speed is
phenomenal and then you don’t have to worry about the cleanup you got plenty
of time with this product to actually go through do the work even in these hot
temperatures during the summer make short work now you’re able to go over
the lenses if you need to be able to touch the plastic and even the chrome
over here you can do and it’ll leave a nice wax finish for you and even
brighten it up you have to worry about any of these plastics if anything it
will bring the color back not worried about it flashing or any of that make
sure when you do a DA you start turn it on on the surface and you take it when you
go to take it off turn it off before you take it off the surface because it can
if your pads old and the velcro isn’t sticking as well we’ll send that pad out
into orbit! look how easy it wipes off. He also went
over the windshield wiper sprayer and look at the shine it brought back to it not to worry about taping that comes off
nice and easy and look at that you’re basically back to brand-new looking car
almost feel smooth nice even finish let’s pull this line here show what we
worked with before and just a couple simple steps even on a light color car
big difference well Francisco appreciate you taking the
time and showing us how this but pretty much anybody can do this didn’t seem
hard to believe you were doing basically one hand it’s really easy okay well well we appreciate you guys
taking the time having Francisco show us we appreciate him coming on and showing us and make sure you follow us on instagram, twitter, facebook. Subscribe to
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greatest innovative car care products until next time I’m Donald Williams with
Francisco Mendoza with 3D International don’t will see then. [Music]