To de-ice your frozen car door lock, spray WD-40 into the keyhole and wait for a few minutes. When leaving your car outside in winter weather, especially if it is freezing and snowing, remember to keep your wiper blade arms upright. This will prevent them from icing over or sticking to the windscreen. However, if the weather is dry, there is no need for you to lift them up. Before the cold weather gets extreme, apply a special silicon spray to your door rubber seals to ensure they don’t freeze. To protect your car windows from fogging up in winter, use a special spray and a cloth. Apply the spray to the windows and then wipe it until the stains disappear. In cold weather you should warm up your engine to the operating temperature prior to driving. This will take around 3 to 5 minutes. While the eingine is heating up, keep an eye on the temperature scale on your dashboard. If there is no temperature scale, you can watch your tachometer. In fact, your engine’s rpm will be higher until it comes up to the required operating temperature. Before the weather gets too cold, don’t forget to pour special fluid into the windscreen washer reservoir, as this will help to protect the system from freezing. Whether we like or not, winter weather can be unpredictable, so it’s best to prepare by packing your car boot with some essentials in advance. To be prepared for winter you will need our list of must-have items, so here it is: winter windscreen wiper fluid, snow and ice scraper, tow rope, snow shovel.